Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cinnabon amazing Cinnaomon Rolls and More

I’m a girl that loves to shop so when I got the opportunity to go shop at the Mall of America, I couldn’t turn it down. One of the places we were asked to stop at was Cinnabon. Who can say no to Cinnabon? Not I, and I was so excited to try some of their new items.

Since I hate to shop alone, my friend Anna went with me on the trip. We had gift cards and plenty on them so we could get multiple items. We decided that we would get drinks first then come back later for food. That we enjoy it twice.

It really was a great plan. I ordered a Strawberry Chillata. I don’t like whipped cream so I asked for none on mine (i know i’m weird). I have no idea what was all in my drink but it was amazing.  I’m sure there are way too many calories in the drink, but I didn’t see the nutritional value on it so i’m just not thinking about it. I just know that it was delicious and I so could drink one all the time.

Anna ordered a berry chillata and thought it was good but at little to many mixed berries for her taste. She tried a little of mine and loved it. I’m not sure exactly which berries were in her drink but she said it was very berryey (that’s a word right?). The drinks were very large so for around $5 you definitely get your monies worth.

Right before we left the mall we stopped back in at Cinnabon and ordered are to-go items. We had just eaten supper so we were saving it for dessert.

I ordered the classic center of the roll, while Anna ordered the caramel center of the roll. Everyone love cinnamon rolls but we all know our favorite part is the center. Well Cinnabon sells a bowl full of just that. All you get are pieces of the center. Simply put, it was ooey, gooey and very yummy.

It’s really a good thing that there isn’t a Cinnabon close to me as I would be there all the time, especially ordering that drink. If you don’t know where one is, you can find one on their site under locate bakery.
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  1. Cinnabon truly is delicious....and addictive! Over here in NYC, they have one by a train terminal and all i smell is sweet sugar and frosting.....yum!

  2. I love Cinnabon. They have a store at my favorite mall and I make sure to stop by every time I visit. Not good for my figure, but so delicdious!

  3. I absolutely love Cinnabon! They are the only thing I like at airports!

  4. I'm hoping we get one of these here soon! They look wonderful!

  5. I always stop there when I visit the Mall.....great stuff!