Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mom Invented Solutions

I was talking to a friend of mine recently and we thought we came up with an amazing invention. I searched online and found what we were talking about. We said we bet it was a mom who came up with it or maybe a stay at home dad. Anyway us mom can come up with some pretty awesome things to make our days easier. I was asked to check out a few things that fellow moms invented. After looking at them, I wish I had come up with the ideas.

The soaker stopper is a funny name but pretty cool idea. There are so many times that my girls have slept through the night and woken up with a soaked diaper that leaked onto their pajamas and created a huge mess. I feel bad that they slept in that, but I do not wake a sleeping child in the middle of the night for a diaper change.
“the Soaker Stopper acts as a diaper extension to absorb leaks that escape from the front and sides of the diaper, keeping baby and bedding dry. It is made of entirely breathable fabrics and has an adjustable waist to keep baby comfortable. The Soaker Stopper is intended for nighttime use to prevent waking up to a soaking wet baby!”
I tried it with fallon and it was great. She had a pretty full diaper when she woke up but nothing was on her pajamas. All you have to do is wash and they are good to go for another night. The mom that created this is a genius and saved me from having to issues a bath as soon as fal woke up

Diaper blowouts happen, they just do, and usually they are not at a good time. They happen when you are in the car, store or someone elses house. I swear babies know that it’s not a good time so thats when they go for it. I remember a time when my cousin was holding my oldest and talking to her (she was maybe 2 months old). All I heard was “oh my god!! Katrina!!!!” it was bad, all up mya’s back. I had to strip her and give her a bath at my aunts house.
“The Blowout Blocker creates a barrier between the diaper blowout mess and the baby’s clothes, relieving parents from the stress of the dreaded blowout mess. With the security of the Blowout Blocker the mess is contained and easy to clean up! No more soaking or replacing soiled clothes, blankets, car seat covers, etc. The Blocker is great for home use but essential for TRAVELING, while away from home, at special events, or when baby is wearing special clothing, all horrible times to have to deal with a blowout mess!”
Fallon doesn’t really need this one anymore, but oh man I wish I had this years ago for Mya and again for Fallon. I can see how this would be amazing and a huge time/mess saver for parents.
For those moms who cloth diaper please note that since cloth diapers are more bulky than disposable diapers, fit will vary when using these products with cloth diapers.
Fallon loves dresses and skirts but not all of them have “butts” as we call them or shorts attached. I love the ones that have shorts attached but they can be a hassle as well. Broxies double as shorts but are also underwear. This way a girl can wear her dress or skirt and not worry about people seeing the undies when they jump around.
Fallon is 2 and we are potty training so these are great. It helps avoid many layers since when a little one has to go potty they have to go now, there is no waiting around. We were sent a really cute pair with little dogs on them. The first thing she said when she saw them was “arf”, as that is what she calls a dog.
She put them on, but over her diaper. I let that go for a while but when it was time to go potty we took the diaper off and just kept the broxies on. I was really surprised how soft they were, and fallon really seemed to enjoy them.

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  1. It may have a funny name, but a soaking wet baby isn't funny at all. I think this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time! No mom should be without it!