Sunday, November 23, 2014

3 great accessories for kids

I always love trying out new things, especially ones that make my life a little easier or the product is just plain cute

I buy so many socks that I was considering buying stock to make up for the cost. I tried different lengths, thickness you name it, but it didn’t matter, Fallon didn’t want them on or if she did she only wanted one on and Lord only knows where the other one got put. I even tried slippers, but those are so easy to take off that yea, that went out the window fast. So when I had the chance to try mocc Ons, I was definitely on bored or it.

I looked at them online and thought they were the cutest thing but wondered if it would matter since Fallon thinks it’s fun to take them off. I figured, why not, lets try it out. We ended up getting 2 pairs. I showed Fallon them when they arrived and she was excited like always. Fast forward to getting them out of the packaging and onto her feet. I waited for her to look at them and then to take them off to look at them. It didn’t happen. OK, maybe it’s just because it’s new and different. I waited longer, wait all day? that’s right, she kept them on all day and didn’t even try to take them off. OK, i’m sold, this is a keeper.

Fallon used to drool a lot, and I mean a lot. I had to keep a bib on her at all times or I would have to change her shirt a few times a day.  Fallon is over the drooling stage, but still needs a big when she’s eating, and well even sometimes when she’s drinking, since we are moving from sippy to big girl cups.

I really like how Dibble Ons soak up the liquid/drool and doesn’t get the clothes or skin wet. They are also fastened by 2  studs to help keep it on and to ensure your child doesn’t just pull it off.

Dribble Ons come in some solid colors like pink, yellow, purple and many more. They also have some designer ones in different designs.

For me this would be a great addition to a baby shower gift basket.

For those with girls, you know how much hair accessories are a must. I have 2 girls, so not having them in the house would really feel weird at this point. My girls have the opposite hair. Mya’s hair is dark and super thick, while Fallon is light brown and thin. Since they are different, I have to have different types of hair products for them

EZ Tails asked that I look at their accessories. “EZ Tails is a fun hair accessory for girls that also feature cute, interchangeable decorative tops. Simply place your hair through the loop, then pull on the elastic ends to fasten.  To release, press the quick release button and slide EZ Tails  away from the ponytail.  It’s a perfect ponytail, every time!”

I was really surprised at how easy it was to use and how cute they are. you can interchange the front to have different pictures on them. I also love the fact that I can use them on both my girls, it even stays in Fallon’s hair. Well, it stays as long as she leaves it alone and doesn’t try pulling them out.

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  1. Those are so cute. I love the hair tie.

  2. I love the Dribble Ons. These are a must for newborns and toddlers.

  3. These are nice accessories and I like the cute EZ Tails