Friday, November 28, 2014

Add Monster 500 to Your Christmas List! Affordable and Fun!

I have boys, and when I say that I do not just mean in an anatomical way. I have boy boys! Boys who spend hours on their knees in the dirt or pushing trucks and trains around the carpet. You know the kind that like to get dirty and dream of monsters and zombies. I have boys that growl and pretend to eat your brains, and surprisingly I am happy with that! I love these rowdy, dirty little boys and I am even beginning to love the toys that come along with that! Especially the super cool new playsets we received from Monsters 500!

We received:
  • Monster 500 Small Vehicle
  • Monster 500™ Large Vehicle
  • Monster 500™ Toxic Terror Trap Playset
  • Monster 500™ Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set
These fun playsets and vehicles are so awesome and a complete blast for my boys!! 

The Large Vehicle we received was the Crocpit, who made a LOVELY flushing sound! My littlest guy has had such a blast pushing him around and playing with him, even though his sounds quit working after the first day. I am not sure what happened there, and I know we just need to replace the batteries, but my little guy has loved Crocpit from the moment he opened the box, and the lack of sound has not changed him mind one bit. As you can see in the pictures, he is making plenty of found effects for him as he pushing him along! 

Little racers will enjoy the ultra ghoulish action this spooky set has to offer. It’s a battle to the finish line for kids, as they press down on the starting skull to begin! With one included vehicle, Drac Attack, and compatible with any small Monster 500 vehicle, daredevils can send their cars racing past the pendulum of peril and into the jaws of doom of the eye-popping, giant skull. A checkered flag will rise to signal the winner. 

We also received a Dr. Jerkyl and Mr Ryde die cast car. While my boys have had a ton of fun playing with this on its on, the really get a kick out of playing with it with the Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set. The love setting up races and seeing which boys racer wins! The Toxic Terror Trap Playset is also a blast for them and they love watching the race cars spin our of control after they go around the track! 

Unleash the fiendish fury! Kids and kids at heart will enjoy the twisting, toxic, monster action this ghoulish playset has to offer. With one included character, Evil Clownevil, kids can smash through the doors of the freaky factory and topple the toxic, terrorizing monster, while avoiding being gobbled by the mutant gator all at the same time. Then, cars can be placed on the elevator before the hazmat mutant brings each vehicle up again. Compatible with all small Monster 500 vehicles.

While I will admit, both sets took quite a while to set up, and I had more luck setting it up by looking at the photos and not by the instructions, my boys are in love with them! We still have both sets set up smack dab in the middle of the living room! They boys absolutely love them...and to add icing to the cake- the prices are AMAZING! Seriously!! The Toxic Terror Trap Playset is available for less than $18 at Toys R Us right now on sale, and the Gauntlet set is less than $13 and the racer are less than $5! How amazing is that?? I seriously won Mother of the Day with my boys when I gave this to them so imagine the delight when your child unwraps this on Christmas morning!! The sets look like they cost a lot more than they do, and it makes for happy little children! 

Be sure to add Monsters 500 to your Christmas shopping list and check them out on social media for the latest updates and products! 

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  1. My son would be all into this for sure. Thanks for the review, I really didn't know about this