Tuesday, November 25, 2014 SwitchArt

I love art but one, it can be so expensive. It would be much cheaper if I could just paint my own but I’m not that talented AT ALL! So when contacted me asking if I would check out what is called SwtichArt, I was all over it. Then I had the big problem of what to choose.

Anyone who comes into my home, knows i’m a lover of black and white art. When I was going through my options at I focused on the black and white ones to make it blend in.

I ended up picking out the Canopy over Big Creek, Great Smoky Mtns Nat'l Park & Pine Forest Sunlight, Yosemite Nat'l Park Set, which would probably surprise people. I’m not an outdoor type and I’m actually allergic to pine so to have art of a forest is kind of funny. What won me over was how the light shows through the trees and on the rocks in the stream photo.

Onto what makes this poster really neat. It’s called SwitchArt. It allows you to “switch” out your artwork without needing to take one down, and put another up, hoping that the spot is still perfect for that size frame etc. All you do is take the print and put it on the frame. it holds with magnets so it will stay in place. When you want a new one, you just take it off, or just put the new print over it. I don’t want anything to happen to my second print or me forget where I put it, so I just have it under the other and will swap them around when i want a change of pace. has so many options to choose from landcape, animals, people, I think they have a little over 48,000 options. So I’m sure there is something there for everyone. As far as price goes, it really depends on what you want and how big you want to go. Some prints are $40 while others are hundreds. From what I can see, they are priced very well.

My husband loves the Rat Pack, so I’m going to be seeing if they have any prints in the SwitchArt category and probably order a set for the game room. This would be a great Christmas present for any art lover.

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  1. Those are beautiful. That is something I know I would love to do.

  2. That is the neatest piece of artwork! Beautiful scenery pictures!

  3. Those are indeed beautiful!
    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!