Friday, November 21, 2014

mamas & papas learn to dress max

I have no idea how I have never heard of mamas & papas before. I was asked to take a look at their Learn to Dress Max, and since i’m always up for a cute doll for my girls, I of course said yes.

The age range says 0+, which at first I was a little confused about, due to all the features. After looking at Learn to Dress Max a little closer I understood why. When your baby is a newborn you can have him/her look at the bright colors of Max’s best, shirt, hair etc and asd they get older they can start playing with the other features.

Fallon is 2 so she really love to untie things and tries to tie them again, even though she hasn’t gotten it down yet (still a ways off, but she still tries). Max has a snap on the other foot that kids can have fun snapping and unsnapping. I did think the smap was a little hard to undo, but it’s still a very new toy so i’m sure it will get a little looser in time.

I love the cute little messenger bag that Velcros. Fallon has played with that feature a lot, and puts little trinkets inside it all the time.

Max really does help kids learn how to dress as you can tie, play with the belt, the bag like I mentioned before. It really is a cute doll. Max is only 17 inches tall, so it fits into a diaper bag or whatever you are using to carry toys.

at $26.99 it is a little pricey, but you can have this at age 0 to a few years, so it really doesn’t cost much in the long run since you can use it for so long. This would make for a great Christmas present or even as part of a baby shower gift.

I suggest you take a look at their site today and look at Max and all the other great products Mama and papas carry.

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  1. This is so cute. What a nice idea. I have 3 grand kids that would like it.