Friday, November 14, 2014

Panasonic link2cell Bluetooth phone system

I know a lot of people have gotten rid of their land lines and are only using cell phones. For some, they just can’t get rid of the land line just yet, but still use their cell phone more often. I was recently asked by Panasonic to try out their new link2cell Bluetooth phone system. I hadn’t seen anything like it before, s I really wanted to try it out.  

Since I no longer have a home line, BUT my mom does and she lives about 2 miles away, I went and tried it out on her lines.
Set up was super easy and only took me a couple of minutes. Since it’s Bluetooth enabled, All I had to do was pair the system to my phone, which again was super easy. I love that it comes with 3 handsets. I have seen many systems come with 2 handsets, but not often 3. Makes it really handy when you have a larger house and you don’t have to search for the phone.

The battery life on this phone is amazing. Takes about 7 hours to charge but you get up to 144 hours that's 6 days!! of standby time and talk time is up to 10 hours!!! You can't go wrong with the rechargeable battery they have; a NI-MH (AAA x2)
You can do pretty much anything with the handsets, they are really neat. Actually makes me miss having a land line now that Panasonic came out with this.

  • Sync smartphone to home phone, no landline required
  • Link up to two smartphones to make and receive cell calls with Link2Cell handsets
  • Never miss a text with talking ID alerts from Link2Cell handsets
  • Hear messages, call back and more with Smart Function Key
  • Receive voicemail alerts at home, office or away with TAD

One of the coolest features I like that is not really related to a cell phone or anything is that you can find your keys. I know i’m not the only one that loses my keys on a semi daily bases.

“Attach the optional Key Detector to your car key ring or other easily misplaced items and forget about ever losing them ever again. Using any of your telephone handsets, you can activate the Key Detector's beeping alarm and quickly track down your lost keys. Key Detector's powerful range finds objects up to 200 yards away so you'll find whatever's lost whether it's upstairs, in your car or in the yard. You can register up to four Key Detectors and give each a distinctive name, like Kat’s keys, Darin’s keys, etc.”

Panasonic also has an amazing portable chargers that you can use for your smartphone. I have dr appts all the time and the clinics seem to drain my phone battery life so a portable charger is a must for me. It has an attachment you can keep on it if you want the micro port or if you have apple products you can use the USB port. I have both apple and other so it's great that I can still use it for both. It charges super fast or if you are like me, i just throw it on the charger overnight and then put it in my purse for when I need it. I love the size, though I do have to search for it sometimes (such a hardship I know lol). I love all portable chargers, and am definitely going to be keeping this one for me.

I highly recommend this phone systems to anyone that still has a land line but also loves using their smartphone. It would make a great Christmas gift as well.

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  1. What a neat phone. I like that it has three phones and the key finder too. However, do you think I can attach the key finder to my glasses!

  2. I absolutely love this idea! I will definitely look into getting this set. Thank you.