Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#PowerTheHolidays with the help of Duracell

I really tend to gravitate towards Duracell when I buy batteries. I think that’s because they seem to last so much longer than other batteries I have used. Like most, i have tried to save some money and bought cheaper ones one time. That was a mistake, I ended up using them probably more that twice as fast. So from then on I stick with Duracell.

My inlaws really like those hand held card playing games, you know the ones like poker, blackjack… So last year we bought them a few. Since we bought them both a game, i figured I should buy a pack of batteries as well, well so did my husband. We came home happy that we thought of it before it was “last minuet” and ended up laughing when we each bought a 16 pack. On the bright side, we had a 16 pack for ourselves.

Since I have 2 kids at home, I really can’t go without batteries in our “junk drawer”. It seems like all their toys take a different size, so we have packs of AA, AAA, C, D, and even some 9 volt (my oldest still has mr professor!) so we need it for that, and also for our bed remote since we have a sleep number. It’s not a good night sleep if your side of the bed is deflated and the battery is low, trust me on that one.

You can find some amazing deals at Walmart, especially during the holidays when they are great sales. I suggest you grab a few 4 packs for the stocking stuffers.

Do you keep your junk drawer stocked with batteries as much as we do? I can’t be the only one that is a little OCD about it.

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  1. Yes we have to keep lots of batteries on hand for my grandson's toys. Seems like every toy they have takes batteries! I cherish those that don't, LOL!

  2. I wish I could keep a stock of batteries, but my kids use them as fast as I buy them.