Saturday, November 22, 2014

SodaStream Play making soda and water more fun

I will admit that I drink too much pop as does the rest of my family. Recently SodaStream contacted me and asked that I try their new Play model. I have always loved SodaStream so I of course said yes.

I really like the look of the Play model. It’s more streamline and sleek than some of the older versions. We have it stored in a case in the family room along with the flavors and it actually goes well. it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb or anything.

The most asked question I get when friends come over and ask about it is… “does it taste the same?” My answer is for most of the flavors yes. Just like if you go to the store and buy the generic brand of pop, it tastes so close some people can’t tell the difference. Now with that said, there are some flavors that I can tell the difference but that’s ok. I don’t see anything wrong with that. The next question I get is… “are there lots of flavors?” Yes there are. We received a variety to try out. From Cola Free, to Ginger Ale, to Koolaid Fruit Punch flavors.

Most people think of SodaStream and only think about pop. Even though I do LOVE pop, I really love that there are also water enhancer flavors as well. Since being diagnosed with POTS, I have to drink about twice as much as most people need to. I really don’t like unflavored water. I mean I will drink it of course, but I really prefer there being some type of flavor. SodaStream has some great options. My favorite is the Orange MyWater Flavor Essence. The bottle may look little and is only 40ml BUT that little bottle will make up to 20 liters. So for $10 it comes out to only $0.50 each. That is very hard to beat at any store. Plus you don’t have all these bottles sitting in the fridge, or pantry.  

I really think it’s great that SodaStream is taking drinking water more seriously and really want to help people and change the concept of “just water”

"At SodaStream, we make water exciting," says Scott Guthrie, Americas General Manager at SodaStream. "We believe our home carbonation systems that create sparkling water drive consumers to drink more water. SodaStream recognizes the beneficial role water - whether still, sparkling, or flavored - can play in one's life so we're eager to support greater consumption of it."
Additional survey highlights include:
  • Refreshing or Required? When asked to describe their first thought about drinking a glass of water, 48 percent of respondents noted how refreshing water is. Yet close to a quarter (20 percent) of them said they drink water because they "have to" versus its taste or ability to refresh.
  • Half-hearted Hydration: Half of Americans (50 percent) drink four or less glasses of water a day (3-4 glasses 30 percent, 1-2 glasses 20 percent).
  • Boomers Fall Behind: Americans aged 65+ tend to drink only 1-2 glasses a day, the least amount of water compared to other age groups.
  • Drink to Your Health: At 41 percent, Millennials (ages 18-34) are the generation that could be most convinced to drink more water if they knew more about its health benefits.
  • First for Thirst: Nearly half of Americans (43 percent) choose plain, still water to quench their thirst, followed by soda (14 percent), tea (11 percent) and flavored water (10 percent).
"Your body needs enough water to carry out vital functions and help you perform at your best, but as this survey shows, most people choose non-water beverages as a thirst quencher," explained Kathy Kaehler. "While these results reveal a lack in water consumption across the country, they also show that with SodaStream's unique ability to add excitement to water through bubbles and flavors, we can get closer to closing the gap between how much water Americans do and should consume."

The Play is priced at around $89 depending on where you buy it from. You can find it online at SodaStream or most big box stores. If there isn’t a flavor at the store you want, i’m sure they have it online. there are so many to chose from plus you can order the MyWater Flavor Essence in single bottles or in a 3 pack.

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  1. I like the Soda Stream and think it is a great product to own. I like that I can make my own soda at home with less chemicals and it would be fun to make with my nephew!