Sunday, December 7, 2014

Oral Essentials is a Dye/Preservative Free Mouthwash!

Even wonder what kind of chemicals that you are putting into your body with mouthwash? I mean, yea, you spit it out, but you know your body is absorbing some of it through your mucousa. Just think about the dyes alone that are in mouthwash. You and I both know that that electric green and blue are not natural colors!

What if I told your there was a mouthwash that eliminates all the dyes, and preservatives and is made by a dentist? What if I told you that it actually tastes good! Yes, I can attest to this because I have tried it! It taste really, really good and leaves my mouth feeling and tasting fresh for hours after I rinse.

Oral Essentials started with an alcohol free mouthwash that is so incredibly refreshing that we just know you’ll never turn back. Two of the most forward-thinking doctors out there got together just to bring you this unique blend of ingredients to liven up your oral care routine and leave your breath fresh and glorious. We utilize some of the most ancient stuff out there, like Dead Sea salt, aloe vera and essential oils, and sweeten everything with Xylitol. We leave out the dyes, alcohol, and other preservatives which are all put in a BPA free plastic bottle for you to enjoy everyday.

 I am a big fan, and I love that I can keep my breath fresh, my mouth cleaner- all without those potentially harmful chemicals in other mouthwashes!

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