Saturday, January 31, 2015

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Chocolate

This Valentine's Day I saved my husband from buying me chocolate. I was lucky to have a few companies send me some so I could share my thoughts with you. 3 companies to be exact, and they are all very good. Another plus of not being able to eat much sugar, is that I try a little and then get to share with my friends and family.

I’m not allergic to nuts, but I have a family member who has an extreme allergy. if she even touches something that had a nut on it and was cleaned she can react as much as her throat will close up. It’s that bad. I love that Vermont Nut Free Chocolates makes chocolate for people with such allergies. There aren’t many places that offer nut free chocolate so I had to give them a try.

The first thing that caught my eye was the fudge. Who doesn’t like fudge?  It is very sweet, and rich and oh so good. I could only have a small bite here and there as it has too much sugar in it for me to eat a lot at one time. I dont think that is a plus, otherwise I could see myself eating the whole thing. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates also makes their version of an m&m called Skippers, and I must say, they do a really good job. I can tell the difference between the two but I really don’t care. You aren’t really missing anything from the other, Skippers is really what you need.

I you want more of a chocolate bar but with a little twist they have very cute heart pops. Which is pretty much chocolate on a stick. They are delicious, on a stick so you really don’t think you are eating as much (yay) and really cute.

They are all different prices but I find them to be reasonable in price especially for all that you get. I would check it out today and buy some as a Valentine’s Day treat or gift.

Don’t let the name bark scare you. They look more like a brittle to me. The first one I tried was their peppermint, since I love mint. They were really really good. I am really glad the bags aren’t huge, because it is really easy to eat a lot at once, they are that good.

I love that barkTHINS adds some really healthy options into their product, so you are getting a treat and something good at the same time. One of their flavors is Blueberry Quinoa with agave. It may not sound the greatest but it actually is really good. For 190 calories you do get a good treat and won’t kick yourself later.  There are 7 different flavors so, I’m sure there is something for everyone.

One of the great things about barkTHINS is that you can buy them at so many stores. For example Target, Costco, HyVee (one of my favs but don’t have one around here) and so many more.

The last Chocolate I wanted to share with you is chuao. They make some amazing bonbon chocolates. They may look small but they pack a punch. One of the collections I was able to try was their aphrodisiac heart bonbon collection. They are infused with delicious caramel.

There are so many collections to choose from. Another one that looks amazing is called Sugar & Spice. I mean what doesn’t sound good about Chipotle caramel fudge, sea salt and popping candy in dark chocolate? They had me at Chipotle.

If you aren’t interested in the bonbons, they also have chocolate bars such as strawberry waffle, oh my s’mores and many more. I personally haven't tried the s’mores bar, but i’m sure it is delicious.  You can buy the bars separate or you can buy them in sets and try even more flavors.

Lastly Chauo also makes drinking chocolate. You can buy it either already in a liquid or in a 5 pound bag, either way it sounds delicious as one of their options is called Spicy Maya. It ads a little kick to the cup of hot chocolate.

Check out their site to order today or if you are in the San Diego, CA area you can go down to one of their location.

Both Chuao and barkThins are giving one lucky winner a basket of their chocolates. If you want to enter for this basket worth $70, please click HERE.

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  1. All of these look great. WOuld love to try the bark thins


  3. Jewelry is always nice but I love chocolates for Valentines!

  4. The best Valentine's Day gift I ever gave was a resued pug puppy I gave to my husband nine years ago. He's truly a combo gift.

  5. i love hyvee, too!
    pbm sent me... with a request to tell you my favorite v-day gift... it was a breakup. yep, you read that right. lol