Monday, January 26, 2015

Create memories with Create Ur Plate

For those who follow my posts, know that I love dinnerware. I was so happy when Create Ur Plate asked me to do another set of plates and share them with you. I gave the first set to my inlaws for a Christmas present from the grandkids. This time I’m able to make ones for myself and my family.

The concept for Create UR Plate is different than what I have seen before. To simply put it, you have a Plate-Able (sticker) that you put on the bottom of the plate to jazz it up a little. You can use their designs if you want, which are very cool and so many to choose from. If you have a certain event/occasion you are doing i’m sure they have stickers ready to go for that. I mean they have, tailgating, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Baby Showers, you name it they pretty much have it.

I started thinking about what I wanted. If I wanted to go with a matching set or make different ones. I finally decided that I wanted to do a special plate for each person in my family to use on their birthday. Since I was making a set of 6, and there are 4 in my family, I had 2 left over. So, I decided to make the extra a Mother’s Day and a Father’s day set. I waited until they arrived to tell my husband about them. He loved each one of them and can’t wait until his Birthday in March to use his plate.

I’d say the hardest part of the process is finding and deciding on what pictures to use. After I chose the picture, I used Create Ur Plate’s editing program to add the Text and place it where I wanted. It’s a very simple process and they walk you through each step. If you don’t want to use a photo like I did  , you can just do colors or just text and any combo.

Each of the Plate-Ables are $1.99. Very affordable to create tons of options. at that price, you can order some for extra. If you are planning on putting the glass plates in the dishwasher, it is advised that you take the Plate-Ables off first. This is why it is a great idea to order extra, so you can keep having fun.

Keep in mind when you are ordering that glass is expensive to ship, so your first order will probably be a little higher than you think. After that all you really need to order would be more Plate-Ables when you need them. More plates can be ordered as well if you ever need more.

Valentine’s day is coming up soon and it would be such a cute idea if you made a Plate-Able so your loved one can read it as they eat their meal or dessert. Just an idea, but I know I would love it if my husband did something creative like that.

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