Thursday, January 29, 2015

Delta Children Max Stroller

I have a really nice stroller, the biggest problem with it is that is is really big and bulky. With having a lot of health issues and a physical disability, I can’t carry that around. So instead I let my husband handle that one. I have been looking for a smaller and much lighter stroll that would be easier for me to handle. I was very happy when Delta Children's offered to send me their Max Stroller to try out.

Fallon felt the need that our cat Vin Diesel
needed to try the stroller out as well 

When we received it, all we really had to do was put the wheels on and the canopy. After that we were set to go. The timing was perfect since last weekend we went to a water park and a lot of walking was involved. Parent know that when there is a lot of walking needed and you have a toddler, a stroller or a carrier is a must have. Since I was being pushed in a wheelchair, my oldest daughter was able to push Fallon in the stroller.

It was very crowded in the parks, and the smaller stroller was perfect. I could see the parents with the big ones struggling for get through the narrow walk ways. So it was nice that we didn’t have to think about that. One of the other things I noticed and liked, is that the handles are not short. So many times with the smaller strollers the handles are very low as well. Delta Children's don’t do that, so you back won’t suffer.

For storage, it folds up and doesn’t take much room at all. That alone is a huge plus, especially if you are storing in a closet, entryway or a place where there isn’t a whole ton of extra space. As for price, you can find the Delta Children Max Stroller at Target for $59.99. I was kind of surprised at this amount. I thought it would be more, I was happy that it is very affordable. More families can afford it then. It’s fantastic seeing a company really hit a price point that is right on, especially when it comes to kid related products.

We love this stroller, it’s well made and can hold a child up to 45 pounds, so I know I will still be able to use it for awhile. Fallon is 2.5, tall, but not the weight of a normal 2.5 year old so we have time yet.

I recommend that you check out Delta Children Max Stroller either online or the next time you are at Target. Don’t forget to look at their other products as well like cribs, toddler beds and so much more.

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