Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dyson AM05 Hot + CoolFan Heater.

I live in a cold state. I mean really cold. 2 weeks ago it was -37 with the windchill. When it gets that cold, you really try to not leave the house if you can get away with it. Heating during our super cold months is crazy expensive. When Dyson asked if I would like to review their Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater, I of course said yes.

The heater arrived in perfect timing as I was freezing. Our furnace was keeping up just fine but it was still so cold. I like it to be around 70-72 and my husband prefers it to be cold at 66. I’m sure you can see the dilemma there.

The first thing I noticed that I liked about the heater is that it comes with a remote. Yup, a remote. It’s perfect as you don’t really know if it’s on the right setting right away. This way you don’t have to keep getting up to tweak it a little bit. You can do it with the remote. I also love that the remote is magnetic and sticks to the fan itself. This makes it harder to lose,though with a toddler running around, anything still possible.

The fan is very easy to use. You have your hot or cold buttons, slow or fast and then in what direction. It really is that simple. So far this Dyson heater has helped so many people!

When I want to be a little warmer than my husband, I can just plug it in on the coffee table next to the couch and point it at me. I can adjust just for me, Or I can move it so it gives the whole room the nice warm air.

Even though it’s a heater, you can still touch it, and not get hurt. To me that is one of the biggest benefits of this heater, especially with a toddler running around. I haven’t tried the cool air part since it’s still super cold out, but if it’s anything like the heater portion, I won’t be disappointed. When it comes to the cool air fan, I don’t have to worry about any blades or my youngest getting hurt. As a parent, that is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. The blades are the part that worries me the most about fans. Dyson took the fan idea and has made it better than it ever has been.

Right now (limited time) if you buy this heater through the Dyson site, you can save $100, bringing the unit down to $299. A $100 is a huge savings, so I wouldn’t wait, I would buy this now. It’s still a little pricey even with the discount, but sometimes we can’t put a price on safety. I love this fan  and can’t wait to see what Dyson comes out with next.

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