Thursday, January 29, 2015

Make Valentine's Day sweet with GODIVA

Besides love, what else do you think of when someone mentions Valentine’s Day? I’m going to guess chocolate. Well, I know I do. I know 3 people that don’t like chocolate and oddly enough one of them is my 12 year old daughter, but i’m sure that will change. in the meantime more for me. I loved the chocolate that GODIVA sent me at Christmas time and was so happy when they asked if I wanted more for Valentine’s Day. There was no way I was going to say no to that.

One of the items I received is their Valentine’s Day Keepsake Heart. This Keepsake Heat is made amazingly well and is definitely something you want to keep after you are done with the chocolate. Mya already claimed the box. The one thing I wish the box had was a guide to what kind each is. On the flipside of that, without it, you just get a big surprise each time, so that’s not to bad.  There are 29 pieces in this box, so that means 29 glorious moments of Raspberry Mousse in dark chocolate, and Praline Mousse in milk chocolate, as well as classic GODIVA pieces. When I say glorious, i mean it. The chocolate is rich without being overly rich. Yes this box of chocolate is expensive, going for $75. Before you think that is too expensive, you are getting 29 pieces of GODIVA chocolate and a beautiful box to keep. This is a perfect gift for any woman, and one they can keep even after they are done eating what’s inside.

The other item I received is their Exclusive 2015 Valentines Day Pierre the Bear by Gund. This bear is so cute. I mean, what is not cute about a stuffed bear wearing a bowtie, with a heart wings and holding a bag of 6 GODIVA chocolates? My kids came home from school and daycare and saw the bear on the couch next to me. My 2.5 year old looked at the bear, looked at me and said “I need chakit”. How could I say no to that. I thought it was really funny she used the word need. I’m guessing she has heard me say that a few times.

You can buy the bear for $25, or if you want to get both you can buy them as a set for $100. No matter what way you go, the one you are giving it to, i’m sure will love it. So, I recommend checking out their online store or shopping at a location near you.

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  1. Chocolate is what most do like, I think it's great after a nice dinner

  2. I love their chocolate and I love Valentines Day. Thanks for sharing. Great chocolate!!

  3. They really do have the best chocolate. You can not go wrong with them!