Monday, February 23, 2015

Young Living: Myrrh and Hyssop

I’m very excited to share with you guys 2 new oils that I received from Young Living. I have heard so many great things about their Ancient Scripture Kit that I really wanted to try some. I was so happy when they agreed to send me Myrrh and Hyssop to try.

Most of us probably think of myrrh just as one of the gifts given to Jesus when he was born. Honestly I never gave much thought into it until I started using essential oils. I have to say, the Arabian people were definitely onto something when they started using it.  Myrrh comes from Commipihora myrrha. When I smelled it for the first time, I couldn’t really place the smell. Other oils, I can say oh yea that is Frankincense or Lavender, but I couldn’t do that with myrrh. To me that is a positive thing, as it doesn’t have a strong odor meaning most people won’t even know i’m using it then.

Myrrh, is really used to help your skin, especially if it’s chapped or cracked. Living in a very cold state, my skin gets really dry and chapped during the winter months. I do recommend that you use a carrier oil when applying essential oils to your skin. This helps it to not sting, but also helps spread the oils out more. Just a drop or two is all you need to cover a very large area.

Last week I had some cracked skin in the corner of my mouth. It wasn’t a cold sore, just cracked and raw. If you have ever had that, you know how annoying and how it can hurt. A few times a day I applied a little bit of coconut oil with myrrh to help it heal faster. I have to say, that in 2 days it was better. It would normally take almost a week for it to go away if I just left it alone. I will take 2 days over a week anytime. I also started using it on my hands with lotion, and my hands are so soft. I love it.

It seems that during the winter months, someone always has the sniffles in my house. With 4 people, it’s bound to happen. I really try my best to ward off the colds or at least help them not be so long. Hyssop is an oil that can help congestion. We currently only have one diffuser so I have been alternating kids rooms each night and diffusing hyssop at night. To me it seems to be helping. I mean it could be a coincidence but we haven’t had as many sniffles in the mornings.  

Hyssop can be used for more than just colds. In my research I have seen that some women use it to help with the water retention that happens to many of us during our periods.  I was having some  indigestion the other day and decided to try hyssop. I usually use other oils, but I wanted to give it a try. I applied one drop (with coconut oil) on my stomach. Now it didn’t take it completely away, but it did seem to help some, and when it comes to problems like indigestion, some help can be a huge difference. Hyssop is definitely in my must have oil list, and i’m sure I will learn more and more on how it can help me.

I have talked about lavender before especially with Young Living, but I hadn’t tried their lotion before. We use lavender on Fallon every night. It has made a huge difference in the quality of sleep she gets. We either use a spray bottle that has diluted lavender and water in it, or put some oil with coconut oil on her feet.

Fallon is so used to the routine she gets everything ready for us by herself, it really is very cute. Now that we started using the lotion she seems to have even more fun helping us. When it’s time for bed she will say “ok, nah night lotion time.” For those who don’t like a really strong lavender smell, Young Living’s lotion isn’t bad at all. Since the oil is diluted inside lotion, you don’t have such a strong smell. One of my friends can’t do strong smells but she did like the lotion when I showed her. It is definitely one we will order more of.

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  1. I love Young Living essential oils and use them all the time. My favorite is the lavender oil. I love the smell of lavender and I use it after I burn myself when cooking. It works wonders!

  2. Thank you for the review. I am interested in essential oils, and am trying to learn more about them.