Friday, April 17, 2015

Hornitos Tequila, the perfect gift for men

Please note that this post is discussing Alcohol and is intended for adults over the age of 21.

Most of my guy friends including my husband love tequila. The ones that don’t like it tend to all have the same reason. They had a bad experience and drank to much of it one night and now swore it off. I want to start by saying, when you do drink, drink responsibly. You don’t have to get drunk to have a good time.  My husband’s birthday was a few weeks ago and I really didn’t know what to get him until Hornitos contacted me and asked that we take a look at their line of Tequila. Knowing that he is a fan of tequila, there was no way I was going to say no to this.

Black Barrel

Having tequila that is aged like whiskey is the best of both worlds for my husband since he loves, whiskey as well. “Hornitos® Black Barrel® Tequila takes a premium aged Añejo tequila and then ages it two more times in traditional whiskey ways to deliver a superior tequila with complex whiskey notes. We start with 100% pure agave tequila and age it for 12 months in specially toasted oak barrels to create a premium Añejo tequila. It is then moved into deep charred barrels for 4 months, where it starts to pick up whiskey notes. The third aging takes place when the liquid is transferred to toasted oak barrels for 2 additional months to instill a smooth whiskey finish.”
Out of the three flavors we tried, the Black Barrel was Darin’s favorite in both a shot and also in a margarita.

Here is a tip that I learned for those who like the taste of tequila but not really the burn after. If you take a shot of pickle juice or pineapple juice after, it will take away the burn.

Lime Shot

For those who like a “bite” to your drinks, Hornito’s Lime Shot is for you. Personally it was too much for me alone but was perfect in a mixed drink. If you don’t always keep limes stocked, you now don’t need them since you have it all in one with the Lime Shot! That is definitely a plus. Don’t forget that they added a little salt in it too so it’s a 3-in-1!. If you have space in your freezer, I recommend keeping the Lime Shot in there as it tastes even better when super cold.


Darin and I didn’t really know what to expect when it came to Hornito’s Reposado, but we were plesently suprised with the great taste. The Reposado turned out to be my favorite of the three flavors.

I really love the light color that the processing gives it. Unlike the Black Barrel, the Reposado doesn’t have much contact with wood. To me it has a very smooth taste. If you have the Reposado in a margarita or other mixed drink, it really blends well. You can taste it, but not overpowering, so you can actually enjoy your drink.

Check out their facebook page for some awesome recipes like this one called The Summer Friday.

If you are looking for a great gift, you should really check Hornitos Tequila out. They have many flavors, not just these three. You can look and see if stores near you carry it. If they don’t, you can ask if they can order for you. I have asked my local store and they were able to help me a few times.  

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  1. Well, this was a great birthday gift for your husband--- I haven't yet tried this brand, but I will be in the future. Its always fun to try something new and different than the usual