Sunday, May 31, 2015

Doctor On Demand, You Never Know When You Will Need a Doctor

Summer is here and with that brings tons of questions when it comes to kids and being outdoors like sunburns, tics, bug bites, and so much more. We don’t want to run to the dr for every little thing, but we still have questions and want to make sure our kids or ourselves are ok. Doctor on Demand has found a solution for that. They can talk to you right on your computer/tablet/phone wherever you are.

Say you child just got stung by a jellyfish and you aren't sure what to do, but don’t think urgent care or the ER is really necessary, you can use Doctor on Demand right there at the beach if you have service.

I run a mommy group on facebook and we are always asking eachother questions about things and sometimes just need to have that reassurance from the dr that it's ok or no, there is something going on. Even myself personally, I have called the nurse line a few times questioning something and then having to to go in. Having a dr right there available to you without driving to the clinic and waiting and paying a lot is so great. Everyone’s health coverage is different with co-pays, deductibles and such but you really have no idea how much a visit will be until you get the bill. Doctor on Demand has a fee schedule that is right there for you to see, no hidden costs, nothing extra. So nice knowing that before logging in and talking to someone.

I’m happy to share with you a code that will allow you to have your first visit for free. Make sure you add the code to your account by July 15th. You don’t have to use it by then, you just need to have it in your account. You then have the rest of the year to use it. Just for you the code is TOPNOTCH.

  1. Bee Sting - Ouch! Bees, wasps, hornets and other stinging bugs are sometimes unavoidable.  
  2. Sunburn  - Protect your skin from the sun, and avoid the most severe UV rays between 10am-4pm.
  3. Concussions - A concussion can result from a blow to the body or head, such as a fall from a swing set.
  4. Poison Oak & Ivy - In the woods everything is green and leafy and… poisonous? Some plants really make you itch.  
  5. Jellyfish - They’re not really fish, and they don’t attack. But their tentacles pack a painful and potent venom.
  6. Tick bites - Lyme disease and other complications can arise from a nasty little tick bite. Ask a doctor.
  7. Sunstroke - Kids and seniors are at higher risk for heat exhaustion and sunstroke. Be aware.
  8. Sports Injuries - After a long winter, we’re in a rush to get outdoors. Sometimes leading to a trip and fall.
  9. Burns - Accidents can happen when we’re around campfires or BBQ grills. Get treatment right away.
  10. Kids bumps and bruises - Sometimes it’s a minor scrape, but it may be a more serious bruise. Let’s have a look.
Get help fast. Stuff happens. But our doctors are always just a few taps away, no matter where you are this summer.

I recommend you checking Doctor on Demand out. You never know when you may need them.

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  1. this sounds great to have a doctor on demand when something happen to one of the kids

  2. not so sure how i feel about this,dont understand how they can treat if they can touch,,you cant feel swollen glands thru a screen or touch joints