Sunday, May 24, 2015

Don't overeat with the help from MealEnders

I have been overweight the majority of my life. I am very open about that and talk a lot about it. I also talk having gastric bypass and struggling with gaining again due to medical issues. I recently came across a company called MealEnders. If found their concept to help not over eat very interesting. I don’t have a portion issue, but just eating all the time issue so i really wanted to see if this would work.

I said that I don’t have a portion issue, and that is very true. I’m not able to eat a lot at a time, but I do have an issue with choosing the right things and not going back later to eat more. “Feeling hungry is the result of a hormone called ghrelin. That familiar rumble in your stomach is your body’s way of letting you know you haven’t eaten in a while, and it’s time to refuel. Ghrelin turns your body’s satiety switch from on to off – it’s the biological equivalent of the gas light coming on in your car.”

MealEnders tries to take that 20 minutes of “hungry time” and makes it that you don’t want to eat any more. All you have to do it take one of their “lozenges” which really tastes like candy (bonus). There are currently four flavors: Cinnamon, Citrus, Mocha and Chocolate Mint (my favorite). Liking the Chocolate Mint wasn’t a huge surprise since chocolate really is a downfall at time.

I love that MealEnders stays away from gluten, and also high fructose syrup. This way so many more people can try their product, and hopefully help more people at the same time as well.
The Chocolate Mint has the following ingredients in:
French Vanilla Semisweet Chocolate (Chocolate Liquor, Sugar,
Cocoa Butter, Soya Lecithin), Dark Chocolate Coating (Sugar,
Non-Hydrogenated Palm Kernel and Non-Hydrogenated Palm Oils, Cocoa,
Nonfat Milk, Sorbitan Monostearate and Soy Lecithin, Pure Vanilla), Corn
Syrup, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, and Natural & Artificial Flavors.

Everything is something, not only I can pronounce, but I know what it is. That is a huge thing when it comes to foods and diet helpers. Each lozenge is wrapped individually so they are perfect to throw in your purse when on the go. Another really cool thing is that nobody will know that you are taking something unless you let them know. I have told a few of my friends and they are very interested in it.  

I really do think that they are helping me. I’m definitely not eating as often anymore which has allowed me to lose a few pounds. I’m sure it would have been more if it wasn’t for a few medical conditions keeping me from doing more. For me anything is a gain (really a lose, but still a gain lol). I will definitely consider buying for for the future.

There are three different ways you can order MealEnders. You can try it with a solo pack, which is 1 25 piece pack in your choice of flavor for $14.95. The second is a one month bundle of three 25 piece packs, again in your choice of flavors for $34.95 (saving you $10), or the three month bundle with nine 25 piece packs, in your choice of flavors for $89.95 (saving $45)! So if you aren’t sure if you will like then, it’s really a very affordable investment with the $14.95. I’m pretty sure you will love them like I do. Also I want to mention that they are 100% satisfaction guarantee!!

MealEnders is being very generous and is giving away a few bags to 3 lucky winners! Go HERE to enter!!!

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  1. I love the idea of MealEnders! It's like a mint after a meal but helps you not eat till the next morning! The chocolate mint are my favorite as I really feel like it's a mint and a treat after dinner!

  2. Love that it is just like candy that helps with hunger pains.

  3. I really love that this is natural and doesn't have any weird chemicals in it, sometimes you wonder what you are putting in your body!

  4. amy guillaume lindermanMonday, June 01, 2015

    never heard of anything like these!

  5. I also have never heard of this company before. Thank you for posting about them.

  6. This looks really interesting! I love that it is natural. That's definitely a benefit.

  7. This sounds like a good idea for people struggling with weight issues. I have trouble eating enough. A few bites of any food and I'm full for the day.

  8. First time hearing about these but they sound pretty interesting. I like that they fairly simple ingredients but the whole lozenge thing seems unappealing to me. It would be worth a try though I guess.

  9. these mealender sound great. sound like it be good for people try to lose weight

  10. This is something i would love to try.I've tried other products that are similar to this and none of them seem to work,i hope this one is different.

  11. I think that I just might have to go on this or a similar diet, as I keep overeating, whether by accident or not.

  12. This is a great way to have portion control.

  13. This is a great way to have portion control.

  14. This is a great way to have portion control.

  15. I like all the different flavors available! I would love to try the Chocolate mint flavor!