Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Godors Spray: If You Have Smelly Boys You NEED This!

Man, I never would have thought that a seven year old could stink the way my seven year old does. Between his underarm stink and his feet, this boy can smell up a room! The underarms we solved with a little fractionated coconut oil and some essential oil blends specifically for smells since I do not want to be using harsh chemicals on him at this young age. The feet, now that is another thing.

It seems that his favorite pair of Sperry sandals seems to be a big culprit in this. Even though I wash these shoes often, the smell always seems to come back in one or two wears. I do not want to wash them that often, because anyone who knows Sperry's know that they are NOT cheap and I do not want to wear them out, so I decided to give Godors Spray a try when they contacted me. My first thought when I smelled this is that the spray smells an awful lot like a drop they use in hospitals to cut down on the intensely foul odors that can be found there. In fact, my husband loves this product's smell so much that he has bought it to put in the bottom of our trash cans to prevent stink...anyway, so leave it said, that Godors has a very nice, sweet and slightly minty smell that we in the health care profession appreciate. It is apparently a cinnamon scent, but to me it honestly smells more minty....maybe my smeller is just off?

Hockey Players ask me all the time "Why Cinnamon?"   I tell them the cinnamon is perhaps the most important component of Godors.  Our fragrance contains the amazing essential oil of cinnamon bark.  This oil is used to flavor chewing gum, ice cream, candy and beverages. 
-This oil is a natural antimicrobial.  Researcher from the University of Illinois at Chicago found that cinnamon oil used in Big Red gum, prevented oral bacterial growth by more than 50%.  It is especially effective at reducing anaerobic bacteria.  (Hello-you know your gloves are hosting a bacteria party!) 
-This oil is also used as a fungicide.  It's low toxicity makes it ideal for use in equipment that touches the skin.   It also leaves your hands smelling faintly of cinnamon (which is much better then a stinky hockey glove). 
-Don't let the word "oil" fool you, this spray leaves no residue in gear.   Very gentle on gear but hard on bacteria & fungi.

So you see, if this product was made for hockey players and their smelly gear in mind, you might wonder if it works? Well, we don't have the smell gear and only one single smelly little boy, but I can tell you, this spray has made his shoes much more tolerable. I was sent a large bottle, two smaller travel bottles and a couple purse sizes so we are always prepared for the stink! I assure you, we will be packing it on our summer trip to Connecticut and NYC this summer for the stink...and yes, it works, and yes I am a believer in Godors spray!  

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  1. Godors Spray sounds great, we could definitely use some of this at our house. Thank you for sharing this review.