Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Insect Lore Pop-Up Port-a-Bug with Live Praying Mantis Review

Over the years we have done MANY Insect Lore "science projects" as I like to call them. The first we ever did was the butterflies. We grew so attached to them that my, then three year old son, cried when we released them. Next we took on the tadpoles. I accidentally drowned one froglet, and we released one into a nearby stream. That time, I cried. Then we raised ladybugs and sent them on their merry little way, and none of us cried. So, when I found out that Insect Lore was sending me one of their beloved kits for review, I was seriously stoked. The only kit that I have been wanting to do, but have not yet was the praying mantis, because it is only mailed to Florida during certain months because of our extreme heat. So, when I saw that we COULD get the kit for my boys to enjoy, it was an exciting day!

So our little kit came about three weeks ago with a cute little egg case. Then a few days ago, I woke up to HUNDREDS, okay maybe only a single hundred praying mantises! Wow!! I was amazed at how many we had. I read up on them and it said to release all but a few so that is what we did. That was a very interesting event because the mantises like to stay on you! Anyway, we kept a few and went out and bought a ton of pinhead crickets, and then we discovered that we could not keep the crickets in their pop up habitat because they were too small! Sadly, I decided to go ahead and release the remaining few praying mantises so they have a better chance in the wild since we have no way on ensuring that they are properly fed.

Anyway, even though we prematurely released our little guys, we had an absolutely blast watching them for the few days we kept them. For only $16.99 it is a great kit for your little ones to enjoy a science project, and I highly recommend it. You better hurry on over to Insect Lore and order yours now though because they will only send out the praying mantises in spring and EARLY summer months, so time is running out. If you are looking for something that you think your kids may enjoy deeper into summer, I highly recommend any of the above kits I talked about!

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  1. What a fun kit! My grandsons would love to have a praying mantis in this net!