Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Amwell, fast great virtual healthcare

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own.

I spend so much time at the doctors office that sometimes it’s nice just to sit on my couch with the computer and talk to them. Plus then I don’t need to find child care, drive, sit in a waiting room. Amwell has a great set up where you can see a dr on you computer, phone or tablet.

I do want to say that if you have a serious health issues, please do go in and see your dr in person. Online dr’s can be so affordable (just $49 per visit). For me that is a huge savings as I usually have to pay more for that especially at the beginning of the year when . You do have an area where you can put in your insurance information. Depending on your policy, your insurance may help you pay for it. Call your insurance to see, I think it’s worth asking.

Amwell has everything from Family medicine, pediatrics, emergency, diet & nutrition, and also psychology. Personally I really like that I can talk to a counselor from my own home. I mean, we sit there in a chair and talk to them, why not from my own couch? Each dr has their own profile that you can check out where they went to school and also if they charge more. I did notice that to see Dr Johnston it would be $95. That is still a lot cheaper than other psychologists I have seen in the past.  

My family and I are in the process of moving so I won’t have a counselor established for some time, so using Amwell will be perfect for me even in the long term. I had to call to make an appointment, but I didn’t have to wait long at all. For regular dr visits online you really only have to wait a few minutes and you can see exactly who is online at that time.

Even though I was given a code to use this service once, I have actually used and paid for a second visit with my youngest. She had a rash and I couldn’t just take her in. The pediatrician was so nice, talked to her and everything. No medication was needed for us, but if there were, they can send a script to your pharmacy.

I really recommend you checking Amwell out. Also if you are interested I do have a coupon code for your first visit to be free, yes you read that right, FREE! Just use MOMSLOVEAMWELL when you set up your profile. If you do, please come back and let me know what you thought.

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  1. This kind of cool.. i would consider this.. Thank you for the information

  2. This would be great to use for a lot of health issues. Thanks!

  3. this is really a great idea, plus it helps save expensive hospital visits as well if it is for minor issues.