Sunday, June 21, 2015

Disney/Pixar Inside Out, Finally in theaters!

I know I have posted about the new Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out a few times already. I can’t promise this will be my last, but I’m pretty sure this is my favorite post. Why, you ask… Well, that’s because this weekend we went and saw it in 3D! So if you haven’t seen it yet, you HAVE TO SEE IT!!!!

My daughter and her friend :) 

Ok so, so a few of my favorite parts…. Where do I start. Ok, I’ll start with the short before the movie actually started. We all know Pixar is known for some good shorts. It was about a lonely volcano that just had a dream about having someone to “lava” (get it, lava?) ok yes corny but still oh so cute, and very original. Here is a quick glimpse of part of it.

I really wish I had written a few of my favorite quotes down as I can’t remember them right now. The movie was really well done. Make sure you stay to the very end with the credits or you will miss some great scenes.

We are moving from WI to AZ next month (July) and my oldest is 12, so there are a lot of similar things with this movie. I can only hope we don't go through this with her.

Here are a few clips and pics from the film if you haven’t seen them yet. Please share with me your thoughts if you have already gone!!!

We really laughed at the pizza clip. I mean, we love broccoli. One of our local places actually has a pizza that we love with broccoli (and bacon). Not so sure about only broccoli on it. So we thought it was really funny.

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  1. I saw Inside Out and it was great, it definitely lived up to expectations. I encourage everyone to go and see it.

  2. I must go see this when it's here in the theater where I live! The trailer is hilarious!

  3. This movie looks so sweet and funny. I don't know when I'll ever see it, but it'll definitely be worth watching :)

  4. I want to take my granddaughters to see this.

  5. I haven't gotten the chance to see it yet but I can't wait...I know it will be fun.

  6. This was such a cute movie! I really enjoyed it. My little one (she is 3) she was less interested in it but only because she did not fully get the concept of emotions. So, I explained best I could and then she enjoyed a little more. :)

  7. haven't seen but i may go see it soon. thanks for the review