Thursday, June 18, 2015

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test Gave Me a Positive Three Days Earlier Than Others!

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Did you miss the news? I am pregnant and expecting a baby girl in October! Here is a picture of my test when I first found out back February. If you notice one thing, its a First Response test! First Response is the only test that I trust for early detection (this test was taken around 3 days before my missed period!) The First Response Early Detection test are FDA Approved and designed to detect all relevant forms of HCG. Even though the test in my photo is the older design test the test are now designed with a longer handle, and wider tip with a sleek, curved shape that betters fits in your hand as you are counting down the minutes to see the results! The results are also much easier to read. These test can detect the HCG levels and give you a positive result as EARLY as 6 days before your missed period! Like I said about my photo...that was THREE days before I even missed my period, and that is a pretty dark double-lined positive for that early. The tests can be used any time of day or night, so you no longer have to wait for that first morning urine when you are just DYING to know the results! The First Response Early Detection Tests are readily available at all drug stores and are reasonably priced between $8.99-$15.99! 
Having results earlier this pregnancy meant so much to me. It meant that I could get to the doctor faster, and start my prenatal care, and monitor my HCG levels from the start! After having a previous miscarriage, it was and is very important to me to know about my pregnancies as soon as I possibly can! I went to the doctors a few days after this test and was told that my levels were so low that I may not even be pregnant, and I was, and First Response knew it! Even though this is definitely my last pregnancy, I used First Response, and First Response is the only test I feel that I could rely on and trust for early detection. 

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  1. Great review! After 5 kiddos, I have learned that not all pregnancy tests are made the same.

  2. the longer handle is AWESOME, probably my favorite feature of these! Of course three days earlier is a huge plus, boy do those days seem like forever. Personally I can not use urine tests, I have to have a blood test and even blood tests don't show positive for me until I'm at least 9 weeks along. I have three kids and have only ever had a single positive urine test and that was at about 12 weeks.

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