Monday, August 24, 2015

BioFinest Shea butter

My plan for Christmas this year is to give my family different homemade beauty products like lotions, bath salts and shaving cream. So I have been collecting Shea butter lately since this seems to be the main ingredients in most of these items. I recently received a package of BioFinest Shea Butter and it is excellent quality. It is not in bar form, so it is easy to measure, and just rubbing a little on my skin shoes me exactly how rich and moisturizing it truly is. It has left my skin feeling ultra soft and smooth all day! For less than $15, you cannot beat the price of the awesome Shea Butter for your homemade beauty products! I know I will be back to purchase more!

  • Free recipe E-Book with each purchase. This E-Book has all sorts of recipes for making delicious body butters with relaxing, rejuvenating, or invigorating aromas. Keep in mind there are no additives at all with this product and because of this, you can rest assured you will be able to pronounce all the ingredients you put on your hair or skin, unlike all the "products" you buy at the Salons, and Beauty Shops.
  • Ours is 100% Raw Unrefined Natural Shea Butter - Be sure you only buy UNREFINED RAW Shea Butter because most of what you see at stores and even healthy stores use REFINED Shea Butter. The refining process takes ALL THE NUTRIENTS out of the Shea Butter. EVEN then Shea Butter is still a remarkable moisturizer, however, when refined that is all it is. And that is a shame because this product from Ghana Africa has been healing the skin of thousands of people for hundreds of years.
  • OUR 100% Natural Unrefined Raw Shea Butter is produced in a village in Ghana, West Africa and is prepared by hand there and then sent in bulk to the USA, where we hand package it, ensuring it is handled with care. This product comes direct from Africa - hand packed in USA.
  • OUR Shea Butter is Shipped Right to Amazon to ensure it has the freshest and most potent quality. GET your free e-book at our website for lots of recipes on how to make natural skin care lotions and hair care tonics. 100% naturally and organically.
  • Shea Butter in its RAW and Unrefined form, provides remarkable healing properties second to none. In it we find Vitamin A, D, E, and K. This Shea Butter all by itself melts in your hands and can be easily applied direct from our package. Or you can do what many have done, and that is mix it with Organic Essential Oils and when whipped, it is even easier to apply and use. Our RAW Natural Shea Butter retains all the healing and nourishing qualities of Natural Raw Unrefined Shea butter, because that is exactly what it is.

I am very impressed with this quality of Shea Butter and I highly recommend it!  

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  1. I usually make bath salts for presents because they're easier and quicker. But it would be nice to make some other things with this.

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