Saturday, August 8, 2015

Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier Great Water in a Flash

I have talked about water purifiers before but I haven’t told you about Waterlogic before. I recently was given the opportunity to check out Waterlogic’s Hybrid Water Purifier. It’s a counter top purifier and it really is amazing.

My husband is always teasing me about how much I love my kitchen appliances. He may tease me but after he used the Hybrid for the first time he was pretty quiet. I even went as far as making him leave the room as I filled two glasses with water. One from the Waterlogic purifier and the other from our fridge (which does have a filter). I handed him the Hybrid first then the fridge. After tasting both he wanted more of the Hybrid. He said it was hands down better than our fridge even though he loved the fridge water.

One thing about the Hybrid is that the water isn’t cold when it comes out, but you can fix that by adding ice to the reservoir tank.

When you first take the machine out of the box, please follow the directions and run 3-4 tanks (1.5 L each tank) through it before you drink it. This way you allow the system to get flushed. This is pretty normal for most systems. If you really want you can buy a larger reservoir (3 liters)

The system is super easy to use. You just press the button on top, it will turn green. When you have the amount you want, you press the button again and it will turn blue. It really is that easy. When it’s time to change the filter an icon will appear. An icon will also appear when it’s time to replace the UV lamp.

Waterlogic is the “only non-industrial water technology in the world to be certified to both National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)standards NSF55a and P231, and has received numerous awards for excellence from top organizations around the world.”

3 amazing features:

  • 99.9999% purification guaranteed
  • In-faucet UV barrier prevents back contamination
  • No bacteria in, no bacteria out

I really think this is a must have for all kitchens. It is a little bit of an investment at aprox $200, but to me it really is worth it for all you get from it. I have it on my counter and it;s not moving anytime soon. Check out their site on where you can buy one for yourself and look at the other models as well in case one of the others is perfect for you and your family.

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  1. This great its backed my major cooperations and its healthy for your family. I should get one because i live in louisiana and its not really known for its water

  2. Can I come to your house and do a taste test? I'm not that picky about my water to the tune of $200.

    slehan at juno dot com

  3. I really love that it stands on the counter. Having arthritis lifting heavy drink containers can be precarious at times. I would definitely be interested in one if the filters aren't crazy expensive.