Saturday, October 3, 2015

Garden of Life Organic Chia Seed Giveaway

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Sponsored by: Garden of Life  Hosted by: Powered by Mom

Have you tried Chia seeds? They are so healthy for you. They are something to get used to but once you do, i bet you will love them. My friend over at Powered by Mom is doing a great giveaway that I just had to share with you.

I love how much nutrients I can get from chia seeds! Better yet it's so easy to incorporate it into your daily nutrition through smoothies, baking, in yogurt and so much more. In fact check out two of our favorite ways to have chia seeds our Raspberry Smoothie Bowl and my Coconut Chia Pudding. They are both so yummy! Organic Chia Seeds are an essential superfood addition to your modern, fast-paced diet. Our premium Chia has a very mild, nutty flavor that tastes great sprinkled on salad and cereal or mixed into beans, legumes, yogurt and especially smoothies.
Organic Chia Seed Benefits:
  • Promotes Heart and Brain Health
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Cholesterol and Blood Sugar
  • Promotes Healthy Digestion and Elimination
One Serving of Organic Chia Seed Contains:
  • 3g of Omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid ALA)
  • 1g of Omega-6 (linoleic acid LA)
RAW Organics is a line of USDA Certified Organic, RAW foods reflecting Garden of Life’s commitment to:
  • Re-nourish our country with wholesome, Certified Organic, Non-GMO whole foods brought to you at affordable prices.
  • Re-invigorate the backbone of our culture—family farmers—providing them with guaranteed contracts and fair wages.
Garden of Life’s Super Omega-3 Chia Seed is specially grown for us on family farms. We have a project underway to convert U.S. family farmland into thriving businesses that employ the best Certified Organic, sustainable and Non-GMO agriculture practices.
One lucky winner will receive two bags of Garden of Life's Chia Seeds so they too can enjoy all the benefits of chia seeds! Open to US & Canadian residents 18 years of age and older (excludes Quebec)

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  1. I have not tried them yet but would love too.

  2. I like them with coconut milk to make chia pudding.

  3. We eat them on salads and yogurt and things.

  4. So far I've just used them as an egg substitute in my birthday cake. I will be using them in my breads as soon as I come up with a great vegan, egg-free, soy-free recipe.

    1. Great to hear that it can be used for egg replacement. I never had heard of chia seeds being used as. Do you grind it up somehow or add water to make it more like egg? Cheers

  5. I have never tried chia seeds

    tiramisu392 (at)

  6. I add chia seeds to my oatmeal and I love making raspberry chia jam

  7. I love them on top of my Greek yogurt.

  8. I have not tried them but do want to try them.

  9. I sprinkle chia seeds into my yogurt every morning.

  10. We have not had them before. Great to read some of the others' replies on how they an be enjoyed and used. :) We would definitely try them straight from the bag. Love nuts raw, unsalted. :)

  11. My favorite way of using Chia seeds is Chia gel. It's just very refreshing to me; wonderful on a hot summer day.

  12. I eat them in bars that I buy but I glow ups love to bake with them and use them in smoothies!

  13. I think chia seeds would be great on the kale chips I just made instead of sesame seeds.

  14. I added them to my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies just last week

  15. i use ground chia when baking as an egg replacer. (it forms a gel when mixed with water and then added to mixture) i had had some in a beverage but didn't really care for it

  16. So far I've only put them over salad with my other salad toppings.