Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Making Family Game Night Fun with Loaded Questions

Have you been looking for new games to play during family game night or even a game night with the friends? It had been a little bit since we had a new game to play at home so when we received two new ones from Loaded Questions we were all over them.

We just moved from WI to AZ so it was perfect timing to relax with games and avoid some of the unpacking. The first game we dug into was Awkward Family Photos. So you know how we all have at least one photo of ourselves that we are like “WHAT?!?” or some of us have a lot of those and even family pictures like that? Well, there is now a game that combines movie lines along with those photos.

I’m known to be the sarcastic one in my family so matching a movie line with a fantastically horrible picture is right up my ally.

The instructions are pretty easy to follow. Each player gets eight cards/photos. The “critic” reads the movie line. All the other players pick which photo they like best to match that line. Then the critic picks which they like best. Whoever’s photo that was wins that round. The next round a there is a new critic. Like I said, nice and easy. If you want you can download their cards and make your own genres and lines of your own, so sky's the limit.

The Awkward Family Photos Movie Line Caption Game is recommended for age 12 and up, which I agree. Kids younger than that may have a hard time with the movie references. I know many times we lose the instructions, luckily they have them on their site to download easily in PDF form!!

The second game we played is called Loaded Questions. To win this game, you want to know the other players well as you want to match answers.

This game can get pretty funny and weird pretty fast as you can write whatever you want down on the paper. This can be pretty dangerous in my house and with my friends but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The object is to get to the win part of the board. with each correct answer you get closer there. This is why you want to know the other players, or be a really good guesser. You roll the dice and move that number of spaces. Then you pick the next card and read aloud one of the questions (they are color coded so match it up with the color square). All the other players write down their answer to the question. When done someone shuffles up the answers and then the person who read the questions tries to match up the answers.

It sounds easy, but if you have some sneaky answers it can be hard to match up sometimes. Loaded Questions is recommended for ages 10 and up. I think that is a perfect age for this game.

Christmas is coming up which means lots of family time, Loaded questions has a ton of options besides these two games. I would check them out, and see if they would be great for Christmas presents or for your own game night!

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