Friday, October 9, 2015

Master Lock Magnum Padlock

I think all of us have safety on our minds these days. This world can be a bit crazy, but there are steps we can take to give us peace of mind. We live in Detroit. And as I am sure you have heard on the news...It isn’t the city it used to be. We love this city and it is exciting to see the people who are still here working hard to rebuild and reinvent themselves together as a community.

Unfortunately, there are some who reinforce the statistics of crime in our city. Earlier this year our garage and trailer were broken into and we had a significant loss of items as well as the tires off our SUV. It is an unnerving feeling to be robbed and violated so close to where you sleep.

After the robbery we wanted to get even more serious about securing our home. The Master Lock Magnum Padlock is perfect for securing our gate and trailers to keep our home, yard, and tools secure. My husband, who does construction on the side, was impressed with the product features of the Master Lock M175XDLF Magnum Padlock. The first thing he wanted to put this lock on was our driveway gate.

The lock is has a large 1-1/2in shackle clearance which allows for uses. It has a roller pin lock that has pick and pry resistance. It’s also made with Tough-Cut born-carbide and is 50% harder than hardened steel. Which means this baby isn’t going to just break under a normal wire cutters.

I love that we can set our own combination. It is easy to change and the instructions were simple to follow. We plan on resetting our combinations every 6 months or so for extra security. Or if our 7 year old announces the lock combination as he did last night! HA!!! Speaking of our 7 year old, he can also use this lock. It isn't overly complicated and he is able to help out with securing our home at night.

This lock is very well built. It is scratch resistant, which is necessary for my rough boys. And it is also weather resistant. Which is essential for Michigan’s crazy weather. We need to get a few more. One for our shed, trailers, the garage...(You get the idea. They are great locks!) For under $25 this Master Lock is a great deal and worth the peace of mind and safety. Master Lock makes several other great products for safety and security. You can check them out here.

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