Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Springfield Dolls

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with dolls. My sisters and I would spend hours playing with our dolls and using our ever-growing imaginations in pretend play experiencing adventures only a child can dream up. I truly believe that those countless hours spent in imaginative play developed my creative side and the "Dreamer" in me. I fondly look back on those memories with my sisters and friends with a grin on my face.

Even though my girls are still quite young, I already see a love for babies and pretend play in them. I knew that they would go crazy over a Springfield Doll! The Springfield Boutique Dolls have been around since 1996 and are known for their sparkling lifelike eyes that open and close, long silky hair that can be brushed and styled, and amazing long lasting quality.

The girls were not the only ones excited to meet "Paige." (Paige is a sweet doll with brown eyes and long brown hair and comes wearing a bright pink nightgown with a beautiful heart print on her gown.) My boys saw her in the box and begged to open her right away!

Springfield Dolls are 18" and have moveable arms and legs which make it very easy for dressing and undressing. I love the collection of clothes that Springfield offers. This doll can grow with my children and we can continue to add outfits throughout the year. 

Jo-Ann stores boast an EXCLUSIVE back-to-school boutique line of budget-friendly, Springfield Clothes and Dolls. This back-to-school season most likely included new shoes and outfits for growing girls. This is also a great time to expand her doll's wardrobe! 

This line of trendy tops, pants, skirts and gowns (and of course SHOES!) are just like your little fashionista's wardrobe. Jo-Ann stores will have this exclusive stock of perfectly packaged outfits at an affordable price. We are a sporty family and everyone agreed that the Lavender hooded jacket, athletic pants and lavender trimmed shoes were fabulous! I really appreciate the variety of styles this new line offers for endless pretend play. Everyday outfits, sporty clothes, and gowns are just some of the choices in this new Fall 2015 Springfield Boutique line.

Look for this new fall line in Jo-Ann stores and join in the conversation with other moms and daughters who love their Springfield dolls on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. I know our family will be enjoying this special doll for years to come.

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