Monday, November 2, 2015

iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

For those who know me well, know that I am disabled. I have a lot of health issues on being blood pressure and heart rate problems. I can’t walk far due to major joint issues and also a condition called POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). POTS and pain control most of what I can do and often what I can’t do. When ihealth contacted me to test out their new iHealth Ease wireless blood pressure machine, I knew it would be perfect for me.

I love technology and electronics. I currently use a wireless heart monitor to keep track of my heart rate which can easily get into the 160’s+ with me just standing up. When that happens, my heart rate often gets affected as well. with the iHealth monitor I’m able to check it and know what to do based on the numbers and how I feel.

The base is small enough to throw into a backpack or large purse for on the go. Please do take a few hours and charge it before you have to go anywhere. You just plug the USB port in and wait for the light to be solid green. While it’s charging for the first time you can download the free app on itunes.

As you can see from my numbers, my blood pressure is low and my heart rate is kind of high. for me this heart rate is my normal. However the blood pressure, even for me is a little low. It was a good thing that when I was leaving the house for a concert, I was using my wheelchair. With numbers like that, there was no way I would be able to walk more than a minute.

You can also just set your iphone on the docking station and it will start right away. Otherwise when you have the app downloaded and bluetooth synced, then place the cuff on your arm and plug into the base. Press start on your phone and it will start pumping up the cuff. As soon as it’s done your numbers will appear on the screen for both your blood pressure and also your heart rate. I tested my heart rate monitor with the ihealth and it was right on, which to me was really cool.

Once your numbers appear the app will save it and you have the option to send to your caregiver or dr if you wish. I often take screenshots as well just in case I need to quickly email my numbers.

I highly recommend this monitor for anyone who has to keep track of their blood pressure, heart rate on a regular bases or even for the just in case. I’m so glad I have this and the fact that it works with my phone and small enough to throw into my bag is a plus.

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  1. I'm sorry you're going through so much, my heart goes out to you, unfortunately, I have endless health issues that are unbelievable, but this isn't about me, I want to wish you a better health recovery so that you can enjoy life without pain and be able to wake up each morning with a smile, saying, this is going to another awesome day. I pray for you.