Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nixplay Digital Cloud Frame

My family and I have recently moved across the country so we aren’t as close to family as we were before. I was really searching for the perfect gift for my dad and stepmom when I was asked to take a look at Nixplay Seed. It’s a digital photo frame, but unlike most this one runes on a cloud service and wifi.

After I had a chance to really play around with it, I love it more and more. I knew it was the perfect gift. I’m able to upload photos from my computer or my phone via their app. It send the pics directly to the frame. This makes it so much easier for my family to see the pictures. I don’t have to email them, print them out and mail, or put them all on a SD card and mail that to them to have.

One of the features I love is that this frame allows you to connect to your social media accounts and upload pictures directly from there. This saves so much time as you don’t have to take from there, download to your own computer and then upload to the frame.

To set the frame up it really only takes a few minutes. You do need an account with Nixplay and then you need to connect the frame with your account. All it takes if plugging the frame in and the code will come on the screen. After that start the frame up and plug in all the information it needs like connecting to the wifi. From there you can add pictures to the albums so you can see them on the frame. Once the albums are there you can set it at different speeds, a single still picture or a slideshow.

I love that there is a little remote that will help you pick different albums or do whatever you want with the frame. This makes it so much easier than taking the frame down from a shelf or wherever you have it sitting. I do want to point out that you do need to keep it plugged in when you want it to work as it does not work off of batteries. Also you have to use the adapter that is included. Even though it is a USB port, it doesn’t work with other ones (I tried just to test it).

The Nixplay Seed I have is a 7 inch, but there are other sizes as well in case you are looking for something bigger. There are also other colors. So there really is one for everyone! You can also buy from Amazon and have it in just a few days thanks to prime!

This would make for a perfect gift for anyone that loves pics, technology, or is the “hard to buy for” type.

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  1. Oh my - totally wonderful. I bet my brother and his wife would be thrilled on this!

  2. This is just so awesome! I get bored with pictures so quickly and always want to change them out and this would be the perfect way to display a variety of my favorite shots and mix it up any time I wanted!

  3. This is really cool. I love that you can put all your favorite photos here. I want one of these.

  4. This is awesome gift to give. My husband's dad lives in Florida and he is not on social media, so this would be good gift for him as he can see the kids any time he wants.

  5. We got one of these for my in laws! It turned out to be the perfect gift, they love showing it off and showing off the grandkids.

  6. That definitely makes it easier to keep family in the loop with all the kids' changes. This is a neat gift idea.

  7. My hubby loves photo frames! I'll definitely will check out this product and purchase it as a gift. Thanks for telling us about this brand

  8. I like the remote too. This is a great sounding digital cloud frame.

  9. My Digital Frame konked out awhile back (not from this brand!) and I haven't yet replaced it. I didn't want to buy another from the same brand as their service was absolutely atrocious (Sadly that's despite them knowing I am Media and had reviewed it), I was so turned off by them that I haven't yet purchased another one, but everyone misses it in the living room so I plan to get another one, thanks for putting nixplay on my radar.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  10. Love the digit frame idea! My home is so naked without any photos laying out.