Friday, November 20, 2015

Which Children's Medicine Should You Choose This Cold and Flu Season?

Tis the season...the season for colds and flu! That is not fun and games, especially not when it involves children. As a pediatric nurse, I know how bad these illnesses can be on little ones, and we depend heavily on the correct medicines for them! You might be wondering what medicine IS the correct medicine?

Children's Advil:
Children's Advil is great for kids two and older, when they are feeling under the weather and having body aches. It is also wonderful to bring down a fever.

Childrens Robitussin:
This medicine can be used by children 6 and older and is great for those with a presisitent, nagging cough. There is both a non-drowsy daytime formula and a longer acting night time formula to help with the symptoms of a cold.

Children's Dimetap:
This is also for children 6 and older, and is the pharmacist #1 for cough and cold. It provides relief from both cough and itchy and runny eyes.

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  1. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Which Children's Medicine Should You Choose This Cold and Flu Season? After Reading this, I need 2 different ones! My grandchildren are 2 1/2 and 5 and my kids are over 6 years old! Guess I need to get my rear end in gear and get out and get these for them! I've written down the different ones that you have suggested and that's what I'm going to get. You just never know if or when they'll bring something home with them from school! Thanks for sharing your fantastic review and your personal and professional (as a nurse) opinions on Which Children's Medicine Should You Choose This Cold and Flu Season? with all of us! I honestly truly do appreciate it! Thanks again so very much! Michele :)

  2. Thanks for the great review sure will help this winter

  3. amy guillaume lindermanSunday, November 22, 2015

    thanks! that aisle is soooo overwhelming to me and my husband!!

  4. This is such handy information. With five different age groups in my family, this will help out this grandma a lot. Thanks....