Monday, December 21, 2015

NATURE'S BOUNTY Earthly Elements

As a parent of two children and a very busy household, it’s hard to find that “me time”. We get so busy with work, kid’s school, their activities and then of course the regular household craziness that it’s easy to forget. When I was asked to take a look at Nature's Bounty® and their Earthly Elements™ line there was no way I was saying no. This was a way for me to take some much needed “me time”.

To me the Earthly Elements™ diffuser is travel size. The cord is even a USB so you can pretty much plug it in anywhere. I was out of town in Las Vegas this past weekend and decided to take it with me since it was small enough to fit in my bag. Since it was just me and a friend at the hotel, it really was some mommy alone time. It was perfect on the table next to the bed and plugged into the USB on the lamp. If you don’t have a plug in near you, you can also just use two AA batteries (pop the top off the diffuser to install), and it’s even more portable.
Rosemary is one of my favorite oils to use when I want to relax. All it takes is a few drops of the oil on the absorbing pad. You don’t need to overdo it as a little goes a really long way. It was so nice and relaxing to have rosemary in the air as I was reading and falling asleep. Just being in a hotel room without kids was amazing, so when I had the Earthly Elements™ diffuser going, it elevated my time ten fold. I know it sounds funny, but when we are so busy in life the simplest things can make all the difference.

Grapefruit is another oil that I love. It has that great citrus smell that works well as a little pick me up and helps me feel energized. I love using this when I’m working. Not only does it help me feel energized it also helps give a fresh scent to the air around me.

If you chose to use the oils as a massage you certainly can, just make sure you use a carrier oil with it. Don’t put the oil alone on your body. A carrier oil can be as simple as coconut oil or Nature's Bounty® has a fantastic bottle of sweet almond oil from their Earthly Elements™ line.
I highly recommend checking out all their products next time you are at Walmart. You can buy them in a set and get an extra oil with it, like with the Eucalyptus Gift set!

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