Thursday, January 28, 2016

4 Big Game Day Tips

We are a big sports family, mainly basketball but we love watching a good football game too. Even though the Packers lost, we can still a good game. When it’s game day, we like to eat (who doesn’t), but that also means lots of planning. Here are a few things I do:

  1. Shop the day before
I make sure I have all my supplies the day before so that I’m not rushing around with extra stress making another store trip. Walmart has some of the best supplies for the game like Bounty oh and of course Cascade (need to clean up after)

2.  Start cooking in the morning
Lots of things I can just throw in a crockpot and go about doing other things. This makes it easier on me so I don’t spend all morning in the kitchen, and of course crock pots make great meals.

3. Shower and beauty routine
This may seem like a no brainier, but there are some things you just have to do. I can be really self conscious of my teeth at times so whenever new people are coming over I make sure to Apply some Crest White Strips. It only takes a few minutes and makes a huge difference. Then I can cheer all I want. Whenever there are a few people are over the camera will always come out so I need to make sure my hair looks it’s best. Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo has me covered there. Also good to know there won’t be any surprise dandruff in the pics. Even though it’s winter time, I live in the desert, so shorts are worn. Gillette Venus Swirl Razor makes sure that my legs look good (well as good as they can look).

4. Have fun
This is the most important part of  #GameDayTraditions. You need to have fun. We don’t spend two days getting ready to not to have fun, even if our favorite team isn’t playing.

So for game, make sure you head over to Walmart so they can be apart of your  #GameDayTraditions.

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  1. Looking forward to the big game

  2. I always stock up for goodies my kids like when we have plans to watch something at home or for a concert. Such a great way to save money.

  3. Great tips! Yes, I have gone to Walmart the morning of the "big game" and I will NEVER do that again! I am thinking this weekend I will get everything for next weekend. Play it real safe :)

  4. Great tips, we rarely have people over, but it's still nice to be prepared!

  5. Not planning to watch, but the tips are good ones. Crock pots are great time savers.

  6. Bailey dexter Thanks for the tops. Hubby & friends always are here for the big game!!

  7. Using the crockpot is a great idea! It is so easy to make a chili in the crock pot and not slave in the kitchen on game day.