Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Paige's Must Have Baby Products! products have pretty well taken over my life so I am rounding all of my favorites up in one nice neat place. This list includes:
  • Boppy Pillow
  • Puj Baby Bath
  • Piggy Paints
  • Tommee Tippee Pacifiers and Bottles
  • Innobaby Teether
  • SmartNoggin NogginStik Developmental Lightup Rattle 
  • Monkisee Videos
  • Graco DreamGlider™ Gliding Swing + Sleeper

I know that Boppy pillows are marketed for nursing Moms, but I was not able to nurse my oldest for long (and my toddler only nursed for 2 months) but we used a Boppy continuously because both boys loved to be held. As you can imagine, being a blogger and having little ones who insisted being in your arms 24/7 can be challenging. Luckily for me, I did have a Boppy pillow and I was able to hold my son and still get the computer work done that I needed to! Now that I have three little ones, and the princess is nursing like a champ the Boppy has been more useful than ever, and it even helps her older brother be able to hold her more comfortably!

We have an odd shaped sink so the Puj bath has been an absolutely lifesaver for the last two littles I have had. Its soft form contours to any size or shape sink and is super comfortable for the babies to be in before they are big enough to sit up on their own. 

I love Piggy Paints! I have waited years to use them, because as their slogan says "safe as mud!" I have wanted a girl for a very long time, so I had to get the Piggy Paints almost immediately and paint her little piggies!

I have given birth to two pacifier loving babies, who ended up keeping their pacifiers until I could bribe them to give them up. Right now, we are in that stage with my over- two year old little guy! He just loves his pacifiers, and most especially the Tommee Tippee line. These pacifiers are shaped more like a Mom's breast so babies are more likely to accept the paci the first time, which is certainly true of my little guy, and he has never looked back. What I love about the pacifier is that it is identical on both sides, so it really does not matter if he puts it in upside down or not. That means for us less time nighttime wakings because he no matter what, it always feels right to him. While our daughter does not use pacifiers, she loves the Tommee Tippee bottles. Since we breastfeed and supplement with formula, she loves that these nipples are closer to nature, and she easily switches back and forth between each and has never had nipple confusion at all. As you can see, my bottle rack is filled with nothing but Tommee Tippee!

 You might wonder what makes the Innobaby Ez Grip teethers so much better than others. I am gonna say it is the  super soft flexible material it is made of. We also love that they fit perfectly in her little fist so he can easily get it to his mouth. Both the teether and the teether rattle combo massages the gums and the unique shape helps with fine motor skills and coordination. I loved these with my son, so I had to buy more when our daughter came along. At three months she is already at the beginning stages of teething and has been chomping away at this thing. 

We love the SmartNoggin Developmental Light Up Rattle! One side of this toy has a mirror so baby can see herself, and the other side has a light that changes colors as she waves it around. This keeps her very entertained as she is fascinated with the ever changing lights. The middle of the toy has grips to help her hold it better and the toy itself has bright and contrasting colors to keep her interested. She also likes to use it as a chew toys as well, because at her age, everything goes in her mouth. It also has the typical rattling sounds that catches her attention as well. 

There is something about Monkisee Videos that every one of my children have loved! Why does mommy love them? Well, the obvious reason is it keeps my babies entertained while I clean or do something really important. However, there is so much more to it! They are educational. Truly educational- unlike some shows that claim to be. The entire video is busy driving home the message of the video. They are bright and colorful, with real life children in them. They are not so cartoony that it draws away from the education…though Skip and Howie do add comic relief to the education. Each video lasts around 30 minutes, so it is not so long that babies lose focus. 

 The DreamGlider™ Gliding Swing + Sleeper has been an absolute lifesaver for us. We just brought home our very colicky baby a month ago, and I was getting absolutely no rest unless she was on me. Since we set this up and put it in our bedroom, our princess now sleeps in it and gives me a few hours reprieve every night. We can even lay her in it while she is awake, and sometimes she will drift of to sleep in it. That might not be much for other babies, but our princess will not go in the standard swing we have at all! I love this glider/sleeper so much because it plays peaceful "white noise" and vibrates as well as glides. Right now, we are using it in sleeper mode, but when she is older we can use it more like a standard swing with her sitting more upright. It is also a very lightweight swing, and you can use it with batteries or plug it in. I truly give this the highest star rating you can give, because it has really brought us peace in our home! I really wish I had this glider with my other two babies.

 So, there you have it list! Those are the tried and true products of a mommy of three. Almost Every single item here, I have bought! I may have received one for review, but I eventually bought MORE because I love them so much!! 

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