Saturday, February 20, 2016

Baby Monitor and more with snu:mee

I get asked a lot to do a review on baby monitors, and I actually love it. I love to see the new ones coming out, different features on them. There is not one monitor that is perfect for every person, and that’s what I like about them. I was recently asked to looked at Baby Stars Rock 2 Sleep has come out with snu:mee.

snu:mee baby monitor just became available here in the states, so you will be one of the first to hear about it.The monitor is a 3 in 1 as it serves as a monitor, MP3 player and a music box. It is a baby monitor but to me it’s more of a MP3 player and music box. You can control everything from your phone which is so nice. That way you aren’t playing music all night on one of your tablets, cell phones etc. Plus you don’t have to sneak in to turn it off. Yes you could do it old school and play a CD, but even then you would have to go in and turn it off during the night at some point.

With the snu:mee you can put it in different stuffed animals (snu:mee sleeves) so that it blends right in. I picked the monkey since we love monkeys in my house, but you can choose from a frog, cow, owl, elephant and so many more.

For the app, you can use it on iPhone, iPad, and even iPod touch, also on androids!

When it comes to the music the snu:mee comes preloaded with songs, but you can always download more songs, and you can even tell it how long to play each before switching to a new one. If you don’t want traditional lullabies or songs, you can choose from some nature sounds as well. It’s great to have options so you don’t have to do the same song over and over.

I love the portability of snu:mee, as you don’t need it plugged in to have it work. it has rechargeable battery, so you can really just take it anywhere in the house, to others houses and keep the same routine for the little one.

you can hear what’s going on in your baby's room up to 300m away. So if they cry, you will be allerted. You don’t need a router for this, you just need to be hooked up to wifi.  

If your little one is a little older or when the get a little older, you can turn the snu:mee into the MP3 player as it has a 4GB internal memory. This is plenty for a young one to listen to music or put their favorite book on audio. Plus you can plug in headphones to it as well.

Since it just became available in the US you can find it via their crowdfunding link. It’s about $139 normal but if you really want to order it now you can get it for $79 through the link (I’m not making any commission off it). I’d check it out. It would make for a great baby shower or new baby gift and i’m sure they won’t have anything like it.

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