Sunday, March 20, 2016

Avent Natural Baby Bottle Helps Avoid Nipple Confusion with Our Formula and Breast Fed Baby!

Wow! I sure cannot believe that here we are, 5 1/2 months later and the princess is still nursing! That is an AMAZING accomplishment for me!! Seriously, having made it only one week and two months with my other babies, 5 1/2 months seems like a lifetime! Even though I faithfully nurse on command and even take supplements, I still do not make enough milk for her. The fact that 50% of her milk comes from me in a HUGE deal though, and I am very proud! The only issue that I have with her being supplemented with formula is the fear that she will have nipple confusion- so it is very important for me to use a bottle that avoids that! Philips Avent offers a great solution to this with the Avent Natural Baby Bottle. The nipple of this bottle is very wide and extra soft, so it makes helps my princess easily transfer from bottle to breast without issue. 

Another issue we have been dealing with for the princess is reflux. It is to the point that the pediatrician recommended we put a little cereal in each bottle. Obviously we cannot do this when we breastfeed, but it does seem to help when she drinks her bottle. The Avent Natural Baby Bottle helps with this issue, and I noticed a decrease in her reflux just from switching to this bottle because it has an anti-colic system with twin valves that puts the air into the bottle and not into the princesses tummy! The bottle is also a large 9oz size so it grows with your kiddos! Princess is not up to 6 ounces but I know it will not be long before we are up to 8!

Something that means a ton to busy moms is how easy this bottle is to clean! Remember, I have three little ones, so I do not have time to take apart a complicated bottle system and put it back together when the princess is ready for her bottle. This bottle is just three parts- well four if you count the lid, but we only use that when we take the bottle to go! It is so easy to take apart, soak in the sink and hand wash for us. I love that the body of the bottle is thick and wide too so it is easier to get the bottle brush in and really clean it out well! 

Overall, we have been incredibly impressed with the
Avent Natural Baby Bottle. It is perfect for the baby that is switching from breast to bottle and certainly helps the princess avoid nipple confusion. She is just as content nursing or taking a bottle now, and shows no preference for one or the other. 

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