Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Eat Cleaner Prize Pack Giveaway

Eat Cleaner Prize Pack Guest Giveaway

Ends 4/8 US Only

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It's National Nutrition Month! This wonderful campaign focuses attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating habits with a “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right” in 2016. Natural foods industry veteran and leader in the clean eating food movement is Mareya Ibrahim, a holistic nutritionist, award-winning entrepreneur, TV chef and author. The mom of two has developed a fun and easy to use, “Clean Eating Toolbox” that moms can embrace and the entire family benefit from this March and beyond. With a motto of “Think Before You Bite” Chef Mareya’s goal is to provide every family across America with the tools to achieve a healthier, and cleaner lifestyle. As a leading Mommy Blogger we would like to work with YOU to share this message with a unique product giveaway for one of your lucky followers. Chef Mareya’s “Clean Eating Toolbox,” includes: Chef Mareya has dedicated the last 20 years to health and fitness and is excited to share some of her latest developments: The FitLife Challenge: This is the only program that gives you a balanced, proven approach to getting fit from mind to toe. As nutrition and exercise experts, we're here to provide you with the tools you need to support optimal health with a real-life plan for nourishment, movement and a community that will cheer you on the whole way. 

  • 50% off EatCleaner with code MBFITLIFE50 ($40 or more purchase)
  • Helpful daily posts on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Access to The Real Dish series of podcasts
  • The Clean Eating Handbook with 31 Fit Foodie Filosophies
  • Free 30 page eBook with recipes for everyone who subscribes to the Cleaner Plate Club
  • FREE access to The FitLife Challenge
  • Before and after photos for a repost/regram
  • Free recipes on
Chef Mareya's mission with The Real Dish is to share real stories about real people with tasty bites of food for thought peppered in. Guests dish about life in an honest and enlightening way, focusing on real relationships, real success, real communication and real meaning. Eat Cleaner Products:
“There isn’t a price you can put on cleaner, safer food for your family. We want to make it that much more affordable,” commented Mareya Ibrahim, CEO and founder, GGI, Inc. “Everyone should be washing their produce properly, and our larger bottle at a great value will help them enjoy it more safely, without waste. We need to keep produce out of the landfills, too.”
Eat Cleaner’s range includes:
  • NEW Eat Cleaner™ Fruit + Vegetable Wash (SRP $3.99-4.99)
  • Eat Cleaner™ Seafood + Poultry Wash (SRP $3.99-4.99)
  • Eat Cleaner™ Grab ‘n Go Wipes (SRP $2.99 - $4.99)
  • 32-count travel wipes are value-packed, convenient, and made with environment-friendly, biodegradable material. Wipe products launched in 2014.
  • NEW Eat Cleaner™ Wash Refill Concentrate (SRP $3.49-3.99)
One Lucky Reader will win Chef Mareya’s easy to use “Clean Eating Toolbox” in honor of National Nutrition Month
This Prize Pack includes:
  • The new 12oz. Eat Cleaner™ Fruit + Vegetable Wash
  • Chef Mareya’s “The Clean Eating Handbook” - The essential guide to clean eating and healthy living

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  1. Jessica BurrelliThursday, March 31, 2016

    Normally I wash my produce with a mixture of water and white vinegar

  2. I spritz with a little water and vinegar mixture. However, it still feels waxy which I don't like.

  3. I normally just rinse it with water.

  4. I normally rinse my produce in water and i usually use them up before the use date in my meals or just to enjoy them as they are...usually we eat alot of fresh produce