Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pooch Pickup Pouch & Wristlet Giveaway

Pooch Pickup Pouch & Wristlet Guest Giveaway

Open to US Only ends 5/6

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This Pooch Pickup Pouch and Wristlet is from A Pets with Paws, a do-good company offering fashionable, cruelty-free, sustainable and fashion-forward pet accessories. All your environmentally friendly needs have a one-stop shop! There is not a more stylish way to scoop up your pup's "duty" than with an on-trend Pooch Pickup Pouch and Wristlet. The bags look like real leather, but they are actually made from recycled plastic bottles! How awesome is that?! The material is printed for the leather look, without the leather cost! pet pick up The Miles Poop Pickup Bag Pouch is stylish, and attaches to any leash, carrier or belt loop. The dimensions are 3” H 2”D and 5 ½” W. It is available in three fun colors: Cobalt, Pink and Pecan. The same colors can be chosen from for the wristlet, which has extra room for a smartphone, keys, money and credit cards, making it as convenient as it is chic. The size for the wristlet is 7 ½” W 1 ¼ “D and 4 ¾” H, with a metal lock and trim. In addition to winning a wristlet and a poop pick-up pouch, A Pet with Paws will plant a tree for each bag given away.

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  1. My dog's name is Puppy. He is 14 1/2. The name still fits him. He thinks he is a puppy.

  2. My furbaby's name is Angel. She is a 10 years old Boston Terrier. And she enjoys going for her daily walks. This Pooch Pickup Pouch would be great to have on these walks.

  3. Max,Abby,and Maddie all of our dogs are so cute we just love them so this wristlet would be great to carry when were out.

  4. My pets names are Thomas and Trisha.

  5. My grandfurbabies names are Lily,Jax,and Rico.Thank you for the chance :)

  6. My grandfurbabies names are Lily,Jax,and Rico.Thank you for the chance :)