Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bohemian Pants Giveaway

Bohemian Pants Guest Giveaway

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These Bohemian pants are the most comfortable pants you may ever own!

Sponsored by Bohemian Pants, and Hosted by Mom Does Reviews
Are you looking for comfortable pants to wear while relaxing at home?  How about stylish pants to wear while exercising, or doing yoga?  What about unique pants to wear while traveling or hanging out on the beach?  Well, Bohemian  Pants have you covered on all counts.  They are comfortable, stylish, and unique with a bohemian vibe to them.
Bohemian Pants are heavily influenced by the region around them.  They are located in Thailand, in the city of Chiang Mai.  This area is beautiful, surrounded by mountains and rain forests.  The environment of yoga, traveling, meditation and nature's beauty can be seen in the style, colors, and design of the pants.
With our expertise combined with our customers ideas, we have created the best selection of Bohemian Harem pants and have made them available worldwide.
These pants are really comfy and now you can win 2 pairs of your own!  In no time at all you can be stylish and unique in some Bohemian Pants.  To learn more about them, check out Misty's full review
Enter for a chance to win 2 Pairs of Bohemian Pants, ARV $44

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  1. I like the Elements pants in sea colors.

  2. I adore the peacocks. These look so comfortable, and great for yoga"

  3. I love the peacocks. They are my favorite bird

  4. I love the black pants with elephants :)

  5. I like the Aztec harem pants.

  6. Love the peacocks and the elephants. Cute

  7. I would pick the Mandala Harem Hippie Pants in Red and Turquoise & Elements Harem Boho Pants in Sea Colors!!

  8. The genie pants In white and the elephant in sea green

  9. love the aztec harlem pants, sea color element pants

  10. I would pick the Mandala Harem Hippie Pants in Turquoise and Lounge Harem Genie Pants in Purple.

  11. I love the Mandala Harem Hippie Pants in Blue & Red. There was so many great choices. I really liked the Aztec pants too.

  12. The link to follow Victoria's Instagram page isn't working for me.