Saturday, May 7, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Now in Theaters

It's Mother's Day weekend and I think we will be going to see this before we go to dinner. I have seen so many trailers that Captain America: Civil War really is a must wee movie.

  • With the “Captain America: Civil War” story taking place all over the world, the production would find itself based in familiar territory, anchoring at Pinewood Atlanta Studios with various units shooting in Germany, Austria, Iceland, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Brazil and the United Kingdom during the film’s production schedule.

  •  In addition to the soundstages at Pinewood, filmmakers were able to utilize locations around the Atlanta area for several scenes. One such location was a big, empty gulch in downtown Atlanta where they built Lagos, Nigeria. Between the locations team, art department and set decorators, filmmakers were able to bring an authentic texture to the environment and by casting hundreds of extras it came alive as the vibrant city of Lagos.

  •  On June 18, 2015, on the backlot of Pinewood Atlanta Studios, the first scenes of the historic Civil War mash-up began shooting, pitting the Avengers against each other with teams led by Captain America and Tony Stark. Filmmakers nick-named the classic battle the “Splash Panel,” because it was like a double-panel illustration in a comic book. The “Splash Panel” is one of Marvel’s most epic scenes with the most interaction ever seen in a Marvel film. The sequence was shot on IMAX cameras to give fans an unforgettable immersive experience

  • .  The film also features one of the most advanced automobiles in the world, which T’Challa/Black Panther drives. The filmmakers turned to Audi, who provided the production with their newest hi-tech concept car for the shoot. The stunning car has all the newest technology that Audi has but it has never been put into production. Keep an eye out for it in the movie—you won’t see it anywhere else.

  •  The German portion of the shooting schedule was a homecoming for cast member Daniel Brühl, who lives in Berlin and owns his own restaurant in the city. Shooting in Berlin gave Brühl the opportunity to return some of the southern hospitality he was shown by his 2 fellow cast members in Atlanta by inviting them to his tapas restaurant for a night of dining and fun.

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