Friday, May 27, 2016

Father's Day Gifts from Epson Home Cinema and Lexar

My family and I love watching movies and TV, probably a little too much. Recently Epson sent my family their Epson HomeCinema 640, which is a projector. This isn’t just any regular projector. This is one that goes up to 300 INCH screen, and so much more.

 I wish we had this when we had our other house in Wisconsin, because it would be perfect for our game room. As long as you have a blank wall, then you are golden. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space for 300 inch screen. You can adjust this for what you need it.

The Epson Home Cinema 640 comes with the following:
Power cable
Remote control (with batteries)
User manual CD

One of the items it doesn’t come with is an HDMI cord. You don’t HAVE to have one to make this work, however if you want to connect it to your laptop, DVR, Blu-ray player or other devices then you would.

Like I said, you don’t have to have an HDMI cord, even though it does make things a little easier in a way. Another way to work it is to use the USB typeA or typeB ports. I have an adaptor that I can take my Lexar SD card and plug it in. From there I can select it on the screen and watch whatever I have on the card.

I have done it before with the SD card on my TV and done a slideshow during a party, so I used that concept and just put a movie on it and plugged it into the projector. It worked like a charm, and I didn’t have to worry about all the extra cords, system plugged in. Not to mention all the room it saved when setting up. I use one with more space, like 64GB, but you can get pretty much any amount of storage you want. You can even use of Lexar’s micro SD cards if you want since they usually come with a USB adaptor as well. The quality is up there with the best of the best brands.

Ok, back to the projector…. It’s really easy to use. All I did was plug it in, plugged into the HMDI into my computer (or used the USB) and it worked. I didn’t have to download any special software (whew).

If you need to have it at an angle you can prop it up with the adjustable “feet” that way you have it exactly the position you need it. To change the size of the screen you just adjust with the knobs on top. To be complete honest, I didn’t even look at the manual and I didn’t have a problem using it. That’s how easy it is. We are really excited to use it outside on our garage for the whole neighborhood and have a “movie night”. We are just waiting for the perfect night to do it.

Both the projector and the SD card make for the perfect Father’s Day gift. I know my husband would be so excited if I gave that to him. When you guy straight from Epson, it’s about $359.99, which is a great deal. I have seen some that don’t have as many features and cost a lot more. 

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