Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Neat-Oh Magnutto - Make a Pet - Educational Magnetic Activity

Sometimes children struggle with expressing themselves. Let's face it... Sometimes we adults have a hard time putting into words our emotions, imagine the difficulty a young child may have expressing their very strong emotions.

Neat-Oh!® Magnutto™ created an educational, magnetic activities to help kids learn to express, identify, and respond to feelings and emotions.

My children had no idea that they were developing fine motor skills, learning communication skills, and exploring creative play when they played with this activity. All they knew was they were having fun making pets and putting silly faces on their animals.

The Magnutto sets come in three different set options Make A Dino, Make A Pet, and Make A Mood. They each set features:
  • 100+ magnets
  • Two activity cards
  • Sturdy Easel Box
  • Educational role play suggested activities
  • Safe, thick foam magnets

I have two 3 year olds right now and I have fallen in love with this activity as a resource to help my boys communicate their strong feelings. One of my little guys struggles a lot with verbal communication. He has really opened up while playing the Magnutto Make a Pet activity. He makes a few pets and then we make up a story about the pets and why they are making the faces he put on them. 

I can already tell that this is going to be a favorite activity in our house. I am not worried about the kids playing with these magnets as often as they want. The magnets are well made and everything is easily stored in the box.

Check out the many fantastic products on Neat-Oh!'s website.

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