Sunday, May 15, 2016

Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent Now at Target #PersilProClean

Anyone who knows me, knows my love (maybe a little obsession) for Target. They have such great products and quality. I have been using Persil ProClean for a few months and love it. Now that it’s at Select Target stores, it’s even better. I don’t have to go to another store to pick it up.

My kids are going to be visiting Grandma this summer for a long stay for the summer. So during the next couple weeks I will be doing a ton of laundry to get ready for all the packing. I’m so glad I have a bottle in my laundry room. (40 oz is 25 loads). I have a feeling I may use up a lot of that.  

Right now not all Target stores are carrying Persil ProClean, so go and check from their site first. If they don’t you can still order it online from Target (whew).

We have all seen commercials about laundry detergents and how they get clothes spotless, or how they make whites brighter. If you are like me then you wonder if it’s really true. I have wrote about this before but in case you didn’t see it. I tested Persil on my toddler's shirt that she had a stain, and it got it right out. Not the, oh no she spilled let me throw this in right away. This was a spill, she took it off and it sat in the laundry for a day. When I did wash it, it came out like nothing had ever happened to it (not even pre-spot treatment). Not only that, but it smelled so good from the fresh scent.

Months later and I still love this detergent. It cleans just as well as it did the first time I used it and I still love the smell. If you don’t like scented products (I know some can’t do it with allergies or sensitivities) they also have unscented. Personally I prefer liquid detergent but I do know some that like the pods. They look very intriguing and less messy, so I will have to try them at some point.

I'm sure your kids will be home all summer, so they will probably have even more laundry than normal. Make sure you grab a bottle the next time you are at Target and keep on hand as a summer essential! If they don’t, ask them to. You never know when they will listen, in the meantime you can always order online and have it delivered right to your door.

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  1. My husband stains almost everything he wears lol I'm dying to try persil and see how good it works

  2. My husband stains almost everything he wears lol I'm dying to try persil and see how good it works

  3. My husband and I just bought this recently for the laundry. Looking forward to seeing it in action.