Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rent a Car from Associated Sales and Leasing

If you ever have a chance to rent from Associated Sales and Leasing in Marshfield, WI, I would do so. You save the trouble of a big corporation and just being another “number” to them. This is a small town dealership that also has a fleet of rental cars.

I have had to rent a car a few times in my life. It can be so expensive if you don’t shop around. I had one company hold $200 MORE than what the cost was for “incidentals”. Now I understand you have to hold a little bit, but hundreds more than what I’m already spending is a bit much. Plus dealing with the lines, and walking out and finding your car from a full parking lot. It can be a bit much.

Associated Sales and Leasing treated me like I was coming in for a chat and a cup of coffee. No lines, no fuss. I was in and out in the matter of minutes and they treated me like I was a lifelong customer. Of course there were a few documents I had to sign and show proof of insurance, but that’s normal as I was driving off with their car.

Even though I received the car for review, I still had to sign paperwork and I could tell just from that there were no hidden fees for a regular customer. Everything is straight forward from how many miles you get averaged a day (about 176 if I remember correctly), to a gas fee if you don’t return it with a full tank etc. The staff is more than happy to sit down and go over any questions and they don’t make you feel rushed or that they have to move onto the next person.

I usually drive an SUV and my husband drives a big truck, so we are used to a lot of spare room. So when they gave me a Chevy Sonic, I thought I was going to be cramped for space, but I wasn’t. While I could tell I was lower to the ground I the car, it was very comfortable to drive.

One of the biggest features the car had that I loved the most was the backup camera. I have a newer car but it doesn’t have that. I feel like I’m missing out. It was a little strange at first but once I got used to it, it was really awesome and helped out a ton, especially with my mom’s odd shaped driveway.

The Chevy Sonic has everything you would want in a car including Bluetooth, and OnStar (you never know when you will need help). I love XM radio but sometimes I just want to hear something from my own playlist. With Bluetooth I can do that without having to hook up my phone with wires. It automatically hooks up to my phone, downloads my contact list so I can make calls super fast and easy (and hands free). I have gotten used to having controls on the steering wheel and this had them as well, so that was a comfort I was already accustomed to.

I was fortunate to drive the car around for a little over a week and when I returned it Associated Sales and Leasing were great with that too. They quickly checked the car over (making sure no damage), signed the final papers and I was done.
So if you are in the central Wisconsin area and need a car to rent, lease or even buy, I would definitely check out Associated Sales and Leasing. I know they will treat you right!

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  1. I know we sometimes rent a car for the summer to do road trips and such , I love all the different types
    of vehicles they carry and colors, sometimes I am looking for that particular color in a car.

  2. It can be a nightmare renting a car. I always take photographs of the car in the rental yard before I even open a door 'just in case'!

  3. I love to rent cars when I travel because they are usually nicer than I can afford and they are fun to drive.

  4. Renting a car is always fun when it's not a hassle. This sounds like a great company. I'll be looking for them next time I rent.

  5. There is an annoying pop up that wouldn't go away until I clicked "more" at the home page.

  6. I have not rented any cars but my hubby does as he travels with work often..

  7. Great information; especially with summer road trip season here! It's good to know that some places still offer that "small town" feel and customer service.