Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Find out what your Mixed Breed is with Wisdom Panel

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This was sponsored by Wisdom Panel.

I always had a ton of pets when I was growing up. There were always a few cats and dogs in our house at any given time. When my daughter was little, she started to bug us about getting a dog. So in 2011 and after much begging from her and then I helped with begging, we went to the shelter and picked out a dog. We didn’t get the smallest dog, nor the biggest, but the quietest one there. We took him home and named him House (like the TV show). The shelter told us he was Husky/Chow Chow/Golden Retriever. We could see the Husky, but wasn’t sure about the other two, but went with it. Fast forward to a few months ago, and I was sent a Wisdom Panel® Canine DNA Test(s).


Since we had been told what he was, we didn’t think much of it, but thought it would be fun to do the test. I mean, what if he had different breeds or was the same. The test itself is really easy. All I had to do was swab the inside of his cheek with two of the q-tip type swabs and then put them in the container and mail back. It was really that simple, no blood needed.

A few weeks later, Wisdom Panel emailed me with the results. So we thought House was Husky/Chow Chow/Golden Retriever. When we got the results they said he was Husky, but was also Great Pyrenees, and German Shepheard. My husband always wanted a German Shepheard, so I told him he’s had one for 5 years and didn’t know it.

You don’t just get an email saying, ok the results are in and your dog is… You get a comprehensive look into the results and those breeds traits and characteristics.

Wisdom Panel uses more than 1800 markers and draws from 12,000+ breed samples to obtain their 90% accuracy. The test can go back as far as the great-grandparent level. The Wisdom Panel tests for more than just the breed type, they also test for MDR1 gene, which is potentially life threatening to a dog so the test can really save them.

I’m really recommending Widsom Panel to all my friends that have a mixed breed dog. We thought we knew what kind ours was, but tunes out he wasn’t what we thought was. Please know that just because he isn’t all three breeds we thought he was, that it changes our minds on him. It doesn’t, we love him just the same and think its cool just to find out what breeds he really is and it helps us understand some of the characteristics he has. The science behind Wisdom Panel is beyond my understanding, but they do an incredible job describing each of the tests in the result.

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  1. Wow this is so cool. I also have a shelter pet. I would love to know where she came from. We named her Nora from a book I was reading...but I love the name House! Creative!

  2. What a neat service!! I know we had a dog from a shelter one time and had no idea what breed he was.

  3. I have one dog. She looks like a pitbull but part of me thinks she's a mix.

  4. Wisdom Panel is really cool. I used it myself on both of my mixed breed guys. It's so interesting to see what they are genetically instead of just going by their looks.

  5. I wish this had been around years ago. We used to have a mutt that NONE of us could really figure out. The closest we could figure was that he had Cocker Spaniel, Chow, and Labrador Retriever. He was interesting looking, that's for sure.

  6. One of our dogs is a bit of a mystery. This looks like a great way to find out what his background is! We love him no matter what. :)