Wednesday, July 6, 2016

LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt Giveaway

LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt Guest Giveaway

Ends 7/19 US Only

Sponsored by: Jenni & Jade Gallagher LuLaRoe Consultants Hosted by: Powered by Mom

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 LuLaRoa is super popular right now and has some awesome clothes. So many options and something for everyone. So glad we can share this giveaway with you.

LuLaRoe is a clothing line of comfortable yet cute and fashionable clothes for women and girls. Don't worry guys there's a few things there for you too. LuLaRoe is not sold in stores, it's sold through consultants, the majority who do it through Facebook groups or in-home parties. It's a movement that has taken off in the US because the clothes not only appeal to hundreds of thousands of women but it empowers them to have their own home business and sell items that people love. LuLaRoe clothes sell themselves, they are sought after as each print for each style has limited quantities, you never know if and when you'll find that Maxi skirt in your size and that pattern you fell in love with again so people snag them when they see it. The clothes are just that awesome, you will become addicted if you like fashionable clothes that are also comfy! Consultants Jenni & Jade Gallagher want you to know how awesome LuLaRoe clothes are so they are giving away a Maxi skirt. The winner will have 4 months (unless a longer time is negotiated with the Gallaghers) to select a maxi skirt from their inventory. Remember you never know what's going to be available when but that's half the fun. So if you're ready to enter for a fabulous Maxi skirt that may just become your favorite piece of clothing and will lead you to your LuLaRoe addiction enter now.

Please note that joining the LuLaRoe Belles Facebook group is a mandatory entry as that's where their products are sold. If you are not a member at the time we select a winner you will be disqualified. Now go and enter and good luck.

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  1. I'm excited to try them because their clothes are both cute and comfy :]

  2. I love the style and that they are so comfy

  3. I am excited to try LuLaRoe because the clothes look comfortable and perfect for teaching!

  4. I have not tried LuLaRoe clothes. I saw some cute prints that I like in the leggings and skirts.

  5. I have never even heard of LuLaRoe clothes until this blog. So I went over to their website and checked them out and OMG how cute are some of their clothes. Cute and Comfy too how can you go wrong.

  6. I love that LulaRoe clothes have limited quantities in each pattern so you feel that you are wearing something unique.

  7. I have two tops and two leggings from them I love the modesty of their clothing personally. Super cute, unique, and not hanging out all over the place.

  8. I haven't purchased anything yet, but I have a lot of friends who sell it and talk about how amazingly comfortable the clothes are.

  9. I have seen many great prints, I am excited to check out their clothes!