Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Use Talk Fusion to Strengthen Connection in Your Business

How Video Can Strengthen Connection and Improve Your Business

Between having kids and a busy work life, staying in touch with family isn’t always easy. Facebook helps, but pictures and text don’t always feel personal enough. Even phone calls don’t always do the trick. I want my family to know that I’m thinking of them and I want it to feel special.

That’s where Talk Fusion comes in. It’s a communication platform that allows users to connect with friends and family through video e-mail, giving you the opportunity to combine your message with a cute template. Your loved ones will open their mail expecting plain text and maybe a photo or two, but will instead get to see your face and hear your voice. What a wonderful surprise!

The best part is that if you have something special to say to a friend or family member, Talk Fusion makes it easy. From wishing someone a happy birthday to announcing a wedding engagement, the company has a layout for every occasion.

Of course, the company does much more than connect loved ones. It is namely a promotional platform that utilizes the increasing power of video marketing to help those with home businesses gain exposure. This is especially valuable when it comes to e-mail marketing as a strong e-mail list can be the backbone of a company’s revenue. Talk Fusion itself cites research which reveals that when it comes to ROI, e-mail is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.

With Talk Fusion, marketers have the opportunity to send their subscribers unique video e-mails and set themselves apart from competitors. Video has been shown to significantly improve the power of e-mail marketing, increasing engagement and click-through rates, as well as reducing the number of subscriber opt-outs. It can even improve the likelihood of a sale by 85 percent. This may come in handy especially for bloggers with affiliates.

Other services Talk Fusion offers include video newsletters (similar to video e-mail but with more room for text and graphics) and sign-up forms. That way, you can have readers and potential customers sign up directly for your video e-mails. Talk Fusion gives you the ability to track results in real-time including how many views your videos get, click-through rates, and more.

What is perhaps one of Talk Fusion’s most powerful products is Live Meetings. With a simple Internet connection, you can hold meetings with anyone no matter how far apart you are. It’s better than using a simple application like FaceTime because you can include PowerPoint slides, PDF files, and other useful content. Even better is the fact that Live Meetings features a digital whiteboard, chat, and other controls so that attendees can easily and effectively contribute to the conversation. This could really come in handy for bloggers that want to collaborate for giveaways and other special events.

Basically, whatever your content needs may be, Talk Fusion can deliver. It’s a wonderful service that is certainly worth checking out whether you want to wow your customers or simply show your friends and family how much you care.

Cost is always on my mind and what I can afford, especially being a small business owner myself. Talk Fusion pricing can seem expensive as the custom is $75 a month. However if you can’t do that they do have other options that are more affordable for someone on a tighter budget.

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