Friday, September 30, 2016

ESSENTIAL MINTS: Gain Energy and Fight Cravings with YUMMY Mints!

Kids are wonderful,  and have filled my heart with an amount of love I never knew possible. They are also overwhelming, exhausting and caused me to pack on some serious pounds. Not just from carrying those little turds for nearly ten months, but from staying home and developing a much less active social life. Whats a girl to do, right? Essential Mints has an energizing and fat burning mint! Amazing right? These cute little tins of refreshing mints fit right in your purse or pocket, for a pick me up on the go! It is exactly what every busy mom needs! 

The Fat Burning Mint really works. When I am feeling a craving coming on, I can pop one of these babies and the Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee, and Saffron goes to work on my appetite and greatly reduces it, and allows me to nip my mindless eating in the bud! It is suggested that you take 4-10 mints a day, and I find that I take about 6 or 7 a day when I am thinking about going and grabbing a not so healthy snack. 9 times out of 10 with the help of these, I get distracted and end up not grabbing that snack. 

The energizing mints really do give me a pick me up! One tin equals 22 cups of coffee..not that you ever want to take that much caffeine! I personally find that one or two mints give me an extra little kick of energy I need for the next hour or so, and after that the effects start to fade. That being said, you can have up to 20 mints a day, so if you took one once an hour during waking hours, you are still good to go. Personally, I do not need that much caffeine to energize me, and only occasionally need a little these are perfect for me. A mint here and there and I have enough energy to tackle these three crazy kids of mine, and their wild ideas!

Seriously, I have been so impressed with Essential Mints! I have never heard of such a thing. I have taken five hour energies for so long that I never considered something else until now. The mints taste a LOT better, they are more compact and I love that I can control how much caffeine I take in rather than a single serving bottle. This makes a great gift for an ubber tired mommy like myself!

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  1. thank you for this review! this tackles my two biggest issues I am having right now